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Where the Wild Things Are - My Visit To the Homosassa State Park

This past weekend we visited the Homosassa State Park hoping to swim with the manatees.  Unfortunately there are only certain times and conditions under which you can swim with them.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience anyway.  Despite the 90 plus degree heat and 110% humidity, we were really comfortable because of the tree cover throughout the park:

I saw a lot of animals up close and got a lot of photos.  I will post a few here and the rest on my sidebar soon.


I can't wait to visit this park again.  It was so easy to see the animals who seemed very well cared for, was very clean, well maintained, and had an above average gift shop.  The shop had lots of BIG and small sun catchers which I can't have too many of:

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day :)

Me IN the Lion's Den and Other Photos of Animals at Busch Gardens

Here is a very large cat called A Serval.  I thought he was very cute, but then I love all cats!


Here are some very cuddly looking (IMHO), small critters called Ring-Tailed Lemurs:


Now you will see just how much I love cats.  Here I am in the lions den!  WARNING:  Not for the faint of heart - so if you are feeling brave scroll down:





Ok, Ok.  You probably didn't fall for it anyway :(

Here you can see the glass separating us here where he tried to "play" by swatting his paw at me, lol!


I will be spending the next couple of days visiting everyone's blog who didn't give up on me last week!  Thanks for all your great comments.  They are all greatly appreciated :)