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037Last Tuesday I flew about 5,000 miles to the Big Island of Hawaii.  It took nearly 24 hours for me to reach my final destination!  I am here for a 4 week long Yoga retreat and will hopefully be a certified Yoga instructor at the end.  I am staying deep in the rain forest and the sounds are beautiful - great to sleep to!  They truly are just as good as the tapes or machines you buy to help you sleep.  It is a VERY intense and busy schedule here, but I will try to tape it.

Here is the view outside my room:

Here is our Yoga studio:

There is a great panoramic view of the rain forest :)

I miss my pets SO much, but my husband is home with them and I talk to him and even some of them daily.  I will try to post more photos as time goes on, but all of my energy is truly being directed at this endeavor.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope everyone is doing well!!!