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Thankful Thursday???


We decided to make a special trip to Coco's oncologist at The Florida Veterinary Specialists yesterday.  We were worried about how little she was eating.  We have a pet scale at home so we knew she had lost a little more weight too which trust me she can't afford.

Her wonderful doctor did an ultrasound right away.  He was worried that her tumor had gotten bigger.  He was even surprised when he brought her pictures in showing her tumor had shrunk by about 30% in two weeks!  So the good news is the treatment appears to be working, but she still isn't eating enough :(

The above photo was taken yesterday morning around 6:00 AM ( I had been up since 2 AM in anticipation of her appointment).   She has been so loving in spite of everything!  I truly believe she's an angel.

I am looking forward to watching "Project Runway" tonight.  I LOVE that show in spite of the fact that Heidi Klum gets on my nerves sometimes LOL.

I am Feeling Especially Thankful this Thursday!


My husband and I are so thankful to all the wonderful people who have prayed and sent positive thoughts and messages our way during this difficult time.  I truly believe you have all helped Coco get well!  She came home yesterday and seems to be back to her old self. 

She does have a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning to check her blood levels and she will continue taking her antibiotic and Prednisone for a while at least.  We still do not know exactly what caused her iron levels to be so low.  We may never know.  This just reaffirms my belief that miracles can and do happen!  It's situations like this one that remind me of what is really important in life!

Our vet bill was very high as was expected, and my husband jokingly called her the million dollar baby.  I replied that she always has been and he said he knew that.  Trust me, she is worth every single penny!

Thanks to all the great people at:, Blog Catalog, Entrecard,, all my family and friends, her doctors and their assistants, and MOST of all my incredible husband. 

I will keep you all posted as she will be here with me next week, and thank you again from the bottom of my heart :)


Thankful Thursday

I have decided to participate in Thankful Thursday because I TRY to be positive and grateful most of the time.  Those who know me best will laugh at this as I am the queen bee of complainers.  That said, the one thing or person that I don't think I've ever complained about is one of my oldest and dearest friends in the world Stef.  I like her because she is an awesome friend, an animal rescuer, and lives in a very awesome city in CALIFORNIA.  Here are some photos of the lovely Stefanie with her cool cat Oliver who Stef rescued when he was kitten.  He is five years old now and as you can see a very happy cat.  I am very proud of the photos of myself with her other cat Roxy on my last visit since she will not even get close to Stef's friends who are there all the time!

But seriously, I would visit Stef even if she lived in Siberia!!!