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SPCA/Humane Society Estate Sale That Actually Made the News Showing Me Sans Make-up/Hair Styled ;(

Last weekend I spent the day at an estate sale benefiting the SPCA/Humane Society for the county I live in. I may have solved my moving issues since I may own almost enough to furnish both houses - the best part is helping the homeless animals!
Bad part is that I was interviewed by the news sans make up/hair done and in yoga clothes.  I will think again before leaving the house in such a hurry again ;)

I am incredibly grateful to this wonderful and generous person who donated their entire estate to help our county's homeless animals.  She has made a huge difference for them!



Coco News and My Beautiful Make Up Bag From Dunibagz


I have wanted to update everyone on Coco and also tell everyone how impressed I am with my purchase from Dunibagz!

First of all Coco is doing great!  She has been in remission for almost two months now and weighs a whopping 7 pounds 10 ounces which is HUGE for her :)

I wanted a nice make up bag and I decided to buy one from one of my favorite bloggers.  I love visiting her blog here.   I simply love this bag and am so impressed with how talented of a seamstress Duni is (and I used to teach Fashion Design too).  She shipped it lightening fast and even included a nice letter saying how it was nice to have someone that shared her love of animals buy from her - very nice!

Here is a close up of my beautiful bag that I will be so proud to use when I visit some of my family at the end of this month in Vermont: