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This is NOT our Florida!

It is SO cold in Florda where we live that mom and dad won't even let us outside to play :/  We wait very patiently each morning by the sliding doors to the patio, but they haven't been open at all for two whole days!  They say that the temperature hasn't gotten out of the forties even in the middle of the day :(  Dad tries to keep us busy playing laser tag, but we sometimes get our own ideas.  Look at Fleur invading one of the Christmas villages like an abominable snow cat!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Thankful Thursday and a Revelation


012Definition of revelation *

the act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure.
2.    something revealed or disclosed, esp. a striking disclosure, asof something not before realized.
Theology .
God's disclosure of Himself and His will to His creatures.
an instance of such communication or disclosure.
something thus communicated or disclosed.
I am especially thankful this Thursday because all of my pets are healthy :)  We went through the scare with Chanel's 15% weight loss and Sasha vomiting and not eating for almost 3 days.  Sasha has been back to her normal happy self and Chanel is back to her normal weight of 8 lbs 6 ounces. 
So, now onto my big revelation.  Coco passed away almost nine months ago and as you all know I've struggled enormously with her loss. It was the first time I'd dealt with death so close to home and it was especally hard for me because she was only five years old.  Last week I was walking around in a store trying to hold back the tears because EVERYTHING - blankets, toys, dishes, cat beds, you name it reminded me of Coco for one reason or another.  Trust me I know it all sounds a little crazy!  I was basically feeling sorry for myself and very miserable.  Some days are better than others, but trust me I have had one too many like the one I am describing over the past nine months.  When I arrived home I realized Sasha has been vomiting and not eating.  I was very afraid after she was still not eating two days later and acting so lethargic which is so not like her.  I began to realize how much I have to be thankful for.  All of my pets are so special and I know Coco would want me to be grateful for them and not moping around being sad.
Don't get me wrong, I'll still have "those"days thinking about Coco and she will always have a BIG special place in my heart.  However, the events of the last week have been a revelation in that I know I need to focus on the present and the future and those who depend on me :) 
Thanks for reading and I hope this holiday season brings joy and happiness for all of you!


Night Owls, Cats, Vacuuming, and Duni :)

I know my title is bizarre!  I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers to answer a few questions:

1. Early bird or night owl?


(photo taken at the Homosassa State Park last May)

2. If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?

As much as I would like to be an animal at the top of the food chain like an elephant, tiger, or lion, I would choose to be a regular house cat.  I do want to be one who is kept indoors, with lots of toys, healthy food, and especially loving owners.

Lizzy kitchen Cocokitchen= Ok, I know the above photos are a bit much LOL

3. What is your least favourite daily chore?

That's easy!

011 My vacuum has been laying there waiting for me to finish with for...well, it's time to start from the beginning again at this point.  THANKFULLY my house is 75% tiled!

4. Which crafty person do you greatly admire and why?

This is the easiest question of all.  I didn't have to think about the answer a bit!

I'm sure many of you recognize Duni from Lovely Purses

I have ordered a few beautiful items from her that I will show you in a future post.  I am so looking forward to her pajamas or whatever new creations she adds to her awesome site:


I highly recommend her work.  It is FLAWLESS!  

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope everyone is having a great week :-)

My Cat's Beauty Shop Bill Is More Than Mine!

064Pictured above is my Beautiful LONG haired cat Jasmine.  She is the sweetest cat until it's time to clip her claws or brush her hair.  She can get very grumpy when it comes to grooming time.  I took her to the cat hair salon this week because her hair had gotten SO long.  It was even longer than my Persian cat's hair!

The cat groomer at "The Smitten Kitten" said that about two times a year a cat's coat grows a lot more than usual.  So sixty dollars later and probably a couple pounds lighter is the result shown in these photos.  Jasmine didn't like the visit, but I must say she seems happy with her new  "hair style".  I think the bandanna was worth sixty dollars by itself ;)

As always, I appreciate your visit and I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Thankful Thursday! Sasha Is Making Fast Friends :)

016 Sasha will be around 6 weeks old tomorrow and you can see how tiny she is next to 4 year old Jasmine who weighs around 7 and a half pounds! Although we are introducing her to our other pets, my husband or I need to be present given her age and size.  One thing in her favor is her speed! 

Here she is sleeping on my shoulder: 038

And one last photo of her favorite sleeping position on her back.  She loves belly rubs <3 019 My other pets haven't gotten equal face time lately so I'm going to make a point to change that in the near future.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!