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Solar and Eclipse, Mexico and Perhaps a Goodbye

As if anybody didn't know, I've already broken my resolution to be a better blogger.  BUT I've had the flu, my daughter was here from Vermont visiting, and I was taking care of Solar and Eclipse who both had upper respiratory infections.  If that's not enough for my lame excuses, I've been working on our local shelter's Petfinder web site and I just started working on our local SPCA web site:  Http://

I am so happy to report that Solar and Eclipse are doing really well after one week in their new home.  Their new mom sent me this lovely photo of them:

Eclipse and Solar
Their mom called and said that they are both feeling better and left this lovely comment on my web site:

Thank you Michelle and David for helping us to adopt
Solar and Eclipse. What a wonderful addition and blessing to our family! We just love them both!

I am SO happy!!!

OK onto this week's grump test combined with some silly photos from our cruise to Mexico.

065 Almost got sacrificed at the Chochoban Ruins in Costa Maya ;)

070 Luckily I made it back to the ship safely for one of many incredible dinners!

Our state room attendant had a great sense of humor :)
022 I was not a happy camper in the above photo!!!  As a matter of fact my husband wanted me to title this photo "Paris Hilton in the jungle".  For the record I am not a fan of Paris!  However, I got COVERED with dirt and everyone in our caravan drove like maniacs.  These jeeps tip over easily and we had to wait on a couple that did :/
  This is not good bye least for any longer than usual anyway.  I am probably leaving for several weeks in the next couple of days provided my flu stays away.  Stay tuned for details, but think thousands of miles away from home (Florida), rain forest, and Pacific Ocean.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope all of my readers are staying healthy during this cold and flu season!

Sick Kitten = Missed Trip to Boston

Toshiba 402This weekend I was supposed to be in Boston with my husband on a business trip.  I would have been able to see my friend Mita from Kindergarten and stay at a nice hotel with a tunnel connecting to an even nicer  and very big mall.

Sasha became ill last Thursday.  She was vomiting a clear liquid which probably meant she hadn't eaten for a long time.  She became a little lethargic which is SO not like her.  We ended up taking her to the emergency vet clinic at 2 AM fearing that she had some sort of blockage.  They took an x-ray which revealed nothing.  They gave her some anti-nausea medicine and told us to follow up with our regular vet if need be.  Well, she wouldn't eat the next day and got sick again.  We took her to her regular vet and had a full panel of blood work.  I didn't feel comfortable leaving her with a pet sitter so I decided to skip my trip to Boston.  She ended up not eating much for almost 2 whole days no matter what I tried.  She even turned her nose up at tuna fish!   I got really scared.  I'm not sure if we over reacted due to what we went through with Coco or not.   Her blood work was fine and the vet felt that she simply had an upset stomach from something she ate, but we have no idea what.  She seems all better now  :D.  She is back to her constantly purring and super cuddly self.

I'm glad I skipped Boston, but now I need to figure out how to get my Christmas shopping finished :/


Thanks for visiting.  I will resume the Monday Grump Test next week.  Have a wonderful day!