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A Little More About Vermont - Finally

Toshiba 2 119I love visiting Vermont simply for the views like the one above.   Funny how I never noticed them in high school or college.

 Below is my parents house.  It is in a VERY rural but picturesque location.  The nearest grocery store is about 15 miles away!

Toshiba 2 168

Toshiba 2 129
My mother loves gardening and is quite an expert in my opinion:

Toshiba 2 161

Toshiba 2 155

Toshiba 2 164Here are two of my favorite relatives to visit.  They were both rescues.  The first photo is of Tiffany (a Pomeranian).  The second photo is of Kaylie who is not quite a year old.  She is allowed outdoors, but never is allowed to go far.

Toshiba 2 126

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As always I really appreciate your visit and hope everyone is having a great week!


Almost Wordless Wednesday: My Continued Gardening Progress???


002 004 Coco's garden above :)


I tried to get a photo at night of the fiber optic solar lights which I think look nicer in person than in this photo:

041 042

I am definitely no master gardener, I'm really just a beginner.  Please remember this is what we started with after a very brutal winter - so sad looking I know:


Hopefully this angel wind chime I bought at The Homosassa state Park will help keep us safe - hey I'll try anything :)

007 Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

My Gardening Progress

We had an extraordinarily cold winter here in Central Florida so virtually all of my "perennials" didn't make itI had a few azaleas that did so I decided to give a few more of those a tryI decided to get some daisies, roses, and a small magnolia bush.  Wish me luck.  Hopefully I'll be able to show you some progress in a week or two.

As you can see we were off to a rough start:


I ordered a lot of several solar flowers from a magazine called Collections that light up at night.  We then mistakenly put down rubber mulch BEFORE instead of after planting our flowers.  I have no idea what we were thinking - we are obviously fairly clueless when it comes to gardening :)

  Here is where we are at present.  I will be adding more because some won't make it of course I like a lot of color.


007 010
As you can see I still have some work to do!  Thanks for stopping by and any suggestions are welcome :)

My Angel Coco's Garden


 Thanks to my wonderful husband I think we have a great start to Coco's garden.   It's heart shaped and we put the statue of a cat that's ALMOST as beautiful as our angel.  The kitten is beside her because she was such a loving cat.  We called her the "mother hen" because whenever we had any foster kittens she was always so sweet to them and gave them little Eskimo kisses all the time.  We will be adding more to it as time goes on, but it feels good to have it started!