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Great News On Chanel and Petfinder :)

008Chanel is back up to 8 pounds and 1 ounce!  She was down to about 7 pounds 3 ounces about 6 weeks ago.  She had always weighed about 8 pounds and 12 ounces prior to her weight loss.  She is sitting on the chaise lounge above,  Fleur is on the big chair hammock and princess is watching the birds.

I'm elated that adoptions are way up at the shelter where I take photos and post them on Petfinder!  The above photo is of Noha.  This cat was approximately four years old and had been with them since he was a kitten.  I guess some of the main volunteers cried when he left.

When it comes to the color of a cat, solid black cats are the least likely to get adopted and the most likely to be euthanized at a kill shelter.  I would guesstimate that aproximately 75 % or more of the adult cats at the shelter I help at are all black.

I am going back to the shelter on Friday to update Petfinder and take some more photos.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you are having a good week :)

Sasha and I Both Got Awards!

Happy cat Sweet Blogger Award

I am very honored to announce that the newest addition to our family, Sasha, received "The Happy Cat" award from Sammy and his mom Duni. 

Along with this award we are supposed to list five things that make Sasha happy.  She is a virtual purring machine.  I hope that means she's happy a lot :)

1.  Sasha likes learning to play fetch.  She  still just plays around with the mouse - doesn't bring it back too often, but she seems to be learning!

2.  She loves wrestling with Peanut which scares the heck out of me.  Peanut is our 13 pound male cat.  Sasha is not quite 3 and a half pounds!  I used to break them up, but believe it or not, Sasha holds her own!

3.  Sasha loves  watching the squirrels play through the screen on the patio.

4.   Sasha loves to climb on anything - especially our living room furniture!

5.  Sasha loves being my alarm in the morning.  She curls up right next to me or most of the time on me purring VERY loudly every morning.  I like to believe she's just happy to see me when she wakes up, but I know she's probably angling for breakfast :)

Thanks Sammy and Duni!

Last but not least, I received "The Sweet Blogger" award from Bing .  I was really touched that this wonderful blogger thinks I'm as nice as I think she is. 

Any blogger knows that one of the best things about awards is who you get them from. I am so glad that I met both Bing and Duni and truly love their blogs.  They are both great people and writers as well!

I would like to pass theses awards on to any of the fabulous bloggers I know who would like to accept it.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

Hello Again My Friends

Over the past month, OK it's probably been a little longer than that, I've been evaluating the way I use or shall I say misuse my time on the computer.  I have decided that in order for me to accomplish some of my other goals such as exercising more, I need to cut back on my blogging.

I am going to continue to post on my blog, but only about once a week.  My primary focus will be for personal reasons and to update family and friends.  When I started writing this blog about 18 months ago we were fostering animals and I thought we would continue.  However, we have decided to keep MANY of our fosters and with Coco's at least monthly doctor appointments, we simply can't foster at this time.  We continue to help animals in other ways through donations and will hopefully be able to foster someday again.

It is for the reasons that I mentioned above that I've regretfully made the decision to leave Entrecard at this time.  I apologize to everyone who had advertising already set to run on my blog when I disappeared last month.  I have REALLY liked Entrecard.  It is only due to the time commitment that I've decided to leave for now. 

I have met SO many wonderful people through Entrecard who write such beautiful blogs.  That is the only reason I waited so long to return and announce this decision.  I will still be visiting several of you and I may return at a later date with the same or maybe a new blog.  THANK YOU so much to all the wonderful people I have met through Entrecard who have been so kind and supportive of meand my blog over the past year!!!

Coco is doing well as is the rest of our furkids.  She went to the doctors two weeks ago and got another good report :) 

I am headed to Cancun with two buddies from high school the day after tomorrow.  I will post some photos of my trip when I return next weekend.

I hope everyone is doing well and I will close with some random photos of the furkids. 






Almost Wordless Wednesday: We'll Sleep Wherever and However We Want!!!








And Coco:



***Most importantly:  Roxy is doing very well.  Stefanie is taking great care of her and will be writing a post on here as soon as she knows a little more. 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!