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Time Passes Quickly

This post is not going to be anything like my other ones.  You won't see a lot of photos.  It's not going to be a very long.  Just wanted to say something that I've always known but has hit me very hard today.  Time passes quickly... Really quickly!

Our oldest cat,  Chanel, turned 14 on May 29 this year.  We adopted she and her sister, Coco, when they were eight weeks old.  Unfortunately Coco developed cancer when she was four years old.  We did everything we could.  She passed away when she was just shy of her sixth birthday.  I wrote about her extensively on this blog.  

Heart broken by Coco's passing, I stopped blogging as much about our pets and animal rescue.    I decided to travel to Hawaii to get my initial and then my advanced yoga teacher certification.  I then decided to do some traveling and made it to all seven continents.  I switched from blogging about my pets and animal rescue to my travels on a separate blog.

I can't say that I regret traveling and doing some things for myself.  At the time I needed something.  I needed to run away from the pain.  Losing a pet to cancer at such a young age was difficult and just more than I could handle.

Today my husband noticed that Chanel is limping quite badly.  She can still jump and she is eating well.  It is just such a reminder that she is getting old as well as our other cats.  I had just been thinking the last few days how I missed writing on this blog.  Looking through it I am so glad that I did write what I did.  My photos are not great but they mean the world to me!  

I am hoping to do a little bit of writing about our cats and get some photos of them in the coming months.  I haven't traveled as much in the last year.  While I loved traveling and taking photos.  My real passion is my pets and animal rescue.

It seems like yesterday that Coco and Chanel were being adopted at eight weeks old.  I want to focus on this blog and our pets.  I am hoping that I can record some more memories.

33869007_10214707029423445_7624166398985502720_oAbout the Chanel and I on her 14th birthday.  

Below is a photo of Coco and Chanel together. with our Christmas card about 12 years ago.  They were only about two years old.


 Thanks so much for visiting.  Hopefully I will make more sense during my next post.  






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