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A Treat For My Kitties From "The Natural Pet Company" =^..^=

Please see this company's wonderful pet toys here:

The Natural Pet Company


Peanut loves the pink and purple jingle balls:

 074 072
I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from Florina at "The Natural Pet Company" regarding their new company that makes wonderful and NATURAL pet toys.  She had read my blog and was wondering if I would be willing to write a post about their new toys.  I normally don't write sponsored posts - this is my first actually, but Florina had read my entire blog so I knew her e-mail was legit.  After doing some research on this company I decided that I wanted to try and help them get some publicity for these very durable, attractive, and affordable products that I will be buying more of for all of my cats and many foster kitties that come in and out of my home.  Best of all these toys are fun for the cats to play with, safe, and natural!  

As you can see Peanut and Princess were very excited about their special delivery!

037The natural and as you will see irresistible catnip: arrived very quickly!  I did not have to open the bag of catnip...Peanut took care of that!!!
042Here are the adorable and natural items they sent my cats  =^..^=   Here is their link at Amazon: The Natural Pet Company

   Here I am playing with our newest rescue cat.  His name is Jack, a one year old Maine Coon who weighs fourteen pounds!  Maybe you can tell from the photo that he really enjoyed the cat nip ;)  

057Some of the catnip spilled on the couch and there was no tearing Chanel and Peanut away from it!
046Jack loved the "mouse on a string toy"!!!
085 084
Fleur and Lizzie were thrilled to have some new cat toys  to play with too!
130Sasha and Jasmine loved the pretty pink and purple jingle balls!
137Sasha wanted to play all night!  Unlike my other cats, she has endless amounts of energy!
Jasmine went to sleep cuddled up with the ball

 I didn't have the heart to take it away from her little paws and she was purring so loudly :)162

Final Thoughts

The Natural Pet Company  is a new company that is creating high quality, well priced, and fun toys for cats of all ages.  The shipping is lightening fast as well!  The catnip is all natural and my cats acted and played like they were in heaven.  I will definitely be following  The Natural Pet Company on Facebook and be purchasing more of these fantastic toys for all of my cats and the many foster kitties that pass in and out of my home.  

Below is a photo of Peaches with her seven - 7 orange kittens that we found homes for this summer.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please remember to visit:

The Natural Pet Company

Our website:

AND visit their site to try some of these amazing catastic products here:  

The Natural Pet Company


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david raponi

Our cats loved the toys and Peanut passed out on the couch and never moved until morning, these are great fun toys for the cats and they love them .The beautiful woman in all the pictures is my wonderful wife :)

The Florida Furkids

Those toys look pawsome and that nip looks VERY good!!

The Florida Furkids


Yes I am buying more as gifts for all the cats I know :)


Our cats loved all these toys and are still having a blast with them!


You make me LOVE cats!!!


Love this! Obviously, your cats love them too :-))) Catnip toys are the best, aren't they?


These truly are the best cat toys my cats have ever had!


Thank you Andi! Maybe you should get one or five J/K :)

meleah rebeccah

Oh wow! How cool! And your cats sure look happy!


What great fun those toys are for your cats! I like this company's all-natural approach and their sense if fun. So do your cats, apparently. :D

Thanks for the information!


Yes Meleah not sure though who had more fun the cats or me :) <3


Crud. I meant of fun, not if fun. I'm a terrible thumb typist.


Thanks Mike these toys are truly PURRfect!


Thanks so much for commenting. I had as much fun as my cats did :-)

Heidi Cudnik

I like that they are natural toys and it looks like they have quite a variety of products. Since I have my own cat colony will check th out! Looks like the cats had fun!


The toys are very nice. Your cats will love them!!!


It looks like everyone had fun! The toys are cute. I think Oreo needs some new stuff!


These truly are quality toys and all natural too :-)

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

They look like great toys and it looks like everyone had a blast with them! They are priced really well! I'll have to order some for my kitties.


I truly do recommend them! I just bought some for my mother in law's cat today!


I've seen reviews for these items on a number of blogs and everyone has had good things to say!


Thank you for stopping by Sparkle! I have been so impressed with these toys. I sure hope they succeed. I placed an order with them today!


I love that their products are natural! The premium quality catnip sounds good - and judging by your kitties reacion it IS good :)
The toy on the string is fun too! I don't think I've seen Jack before! He's so handsome!!


Thanks Duni. The cats had so much fun. Jack is a cutie but such a handful - or two. He's a 14 pound male Maine Coon cat. These toys are the nicest I've seen :)


I am obsessed with dogs!! I already have Pomeranian but your post make me love cats. I like Sasha and will definitely try the natural pet company for purchases.


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