"Pulling" Peggy From the Pound
A Treat For My Kitties From "The Natural Pet Company" =^..^=

USDA Approved Treatment For FIV and FeLV Positive Cats That Works!


Please share with anyone who works with cats or could use this information. After initially hearing that just a few treatments are ~ $1500, I called about half the vets in FL including the University of Florida and no one knew anything...so I guess this is a VERY new treatment. I finally called the company and a vet answered right away. Treatments are about $70 each. An FIV or FeLV cat needs 3 initially within 2 weeks and then only 1-2 treatments a year. 75-80% success rate. No side effects and most importantly, if it doesn't help them, it won't hurt them!
Tcyte.com or call Vet Tech: 800 483-2104 X86 for more info


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I've been hearing about this - I had no idea it was already available!


It's worked really well for Peaches. Her blood levels are all totally normal after being treated!


The treatment has been around for several years, but it is taking a while for the word to spread to vets. This treatment has shown amazing promise in treating cats with FIV and FELV

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