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"Pulling" Peggy From the Pound

017While on a rescue mission last week to our local Animal Control Services, aka "The Pound", a euthanizing facility, I met Peggy.  Peggy is a very young cat that was found in the middle of a road.  She had broken her back leg at some point and it had healed incorrectly.  It basically sticks straight out.  However, Peggy is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met.  She is a total lap cat who purrs constantly and always comes to you when she is called.  Her disability doesn't stop her from getting around, has no trouble getting along with other cats, and using a litter box.

I didn't know how much longer Peggy had in her teeny cage at "The Pound" so I "pulled" her (as they call it) and brought her back to our non-euthanizing SPCA facility.  She is doing well and seems quite happy.

I have been using every advertising venue that I know of to get Peggy a very good home.  We have already gotten some calls about her.  I'm really hoping she gets placed in a nice home soon.  Peggy is not just a special needs cat, but very special as well.  I would love to have a wing at our facility for special needs and "unadoptable" pets someday.

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Oh I am so glad you left a comment on our blog. I will be glad to advertise Peggy for you. I can put it on my facebook page and also on twitter. I will add to one of my posts too. I am going to send you an email. I just need to know where you live etc.


That is so wonderful of you Marg! I will write back ASAP :)


I have a feeling Peggy will find a very good home, very soon. The person you are looking for is looking for you :-)
Did you go to Spain? How was it??? I've never been!


Thanks Agnes. I believe that Peggy will be a purrfect companion. We are checking into what we can do for her leg. If nothing, she will be fine :)


Peggy sounds like an awesome kitty! I am SO glad you saved her.


Thank you Sparkle. She is very special to us at the SPCA. Everybody loves her!


What a darling little cat! I am so glad you rescued her from the pound. It's too awful to think about what lies ahead for the rest of them. I have sleepless nights because of this!
Lately a young feral cat has been visiting my home. She is very sweet, but shy. I have put out food and water for her, so that she can feed whenever she feels like it. I hope she will eventually feel confident enough to stay. Not sure what Sammy thinks about this new development though. ;-)
Thanks for all the wonderful things you do for our animal friends. Take care

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I am sure Peggy will find a new home.It's really so nice of you to save her. You have a good, kind heart.

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