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Foster Kitties Little Peanut and Oliver Updates


Lil manThe above photos are of Little Peanut who is now around 2 months old.  We feel very fortunate that one of the SPCA's wonderful vets has adopted him!  They fell in love with him and that is such a great thing especially since Little Peanut's urinary tract is not wide enough.  The vet operated on him a couple weeks ago.  He will need another operation as he gets bigger.  I have been very worried about him, but know that he is in the best of hands and is happy with his nice new family in his new home.  His prognosis is good.  I will try to post some better photos of him in the future.

003The above photos are of foster kitty Oliver.  He was already spoken for when he came to our home, but only weighed 12 ounces.  He needed to be bottle fed and get a little older before he could go to his new home.  Fortunately Oliver did really well like the dozens of "bottle babies" I've had in the past :).  The photo of Oliver and I was taken at 4:30 AM as I was headed to the airport for a quick trip to Vermont.


The above photo is of one of my best friends Tina and I while I was in Vermont.  I love visiting Vermont.  It is so beautiful and serene.  I also have several good friends and family there.

Meanwhile, the weather in Florida is beautiful.  Fall is my favorite season here.  The humidity is gone and the temperature is perfect (to me) on most days - highs in the low 80's and lows at night in the 60's.

I've missed blogging.  I will try to be better.  Thanks so much for stopping by and take care my friends!



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Cute little guy.



You look FABULOUS and have a heart of gold helping those kitties! Such an inspiration in every way!


That is fantastic that Peanut got adopted by a vet! I don't think he could have had a better match.


So glad to hear both little kitties have found loving homes. I bet it is not easy for you to let them go...
WOW, you look at amazing at 4:30 in the morning :)
That's a really beautiful picture of you and your friend in Vermont.
Enjoy your time with friends and family!


My goodness Michelle you look stunning!!! And the kitties, of course are adorable. And lucky to have someone like you in their lives.
Have a great week + enjoy this amazing weather.


Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments. I SO appreciate all of my readers!!!

master blogger

That cat was so cute and Michelle you are so lovely!

Zero Dramas

Nora Blithe

What cute babies! I have three cats myself, all of them rescues and I've bottle fed a few babies as well. Just after Christmas, I lost my oldest cat to kidney failure. I'm still not clear on how grieving his loss equals kittens on my brain but it has. It was good to see these two and hear that things worked out well for them.

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