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No Time To Blog. Too Many Newborn Kittens to Bottle Feed

Our Little Peanut: A Three Week Old Foster Kitten

 He already likes to play.  Just like all of our other cats.  He likes the stuffed bananna toy best

092 He loves to be held!
064 We've set up a large crate with a litter box, toys, and a little bit of kitten formula which he will hopefully start drinking on his own soon :)

079 He is drinking KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) for newborn kittens from birth to 6 weeks.  It is best to feed newborn kittens with a bottle as opposed to a syringe so they are less likely to get milk in their lungs.  Of course mother's milk is best, but he was found all alone.  However, he seems stong and weighs 14 ounces!

094 We are calling him Little Peanut because he looks so similar to our four year old male cat named Peanut when he was a baby:
Littl pntThanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.  Take care my friends!



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Mike Golch

what a cutie!!!


He is adorable!


You are going to have a lot of fun with this adorable little kitten!


Oh, he's adorable! He looks like my very first cat Muffin when he was little...LOVE the pic of you holding him :)


Oh my gosh, he is ADORABLE! Look at that baby sweetness!


Kittens rule :-)))


He is so cute! Thanks for taking care of him! You have a heart of pure gold!

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