Aloha From Maui!
Bella's Story p.s. It's a Happy Ending :)

Poolenalena Park Beach, Maui Hawaii AKA Secret Beach


Here are some more photos of this amazing park known as "Secret Beach" here on the island:

003 006
I have about 2 weeks left of 12 hour days and then my adjustment to a 6 hour difference time change to look forward to when I return home.  In spite of all that, I'm completely in my element and having a wonderful time.  Strange to think that I just finished a 2 hour Ashtanga HOT Yoga class at 2 AM my time. you think I'll have some jet lag when I return to florida ;)?

Thanks for stopping by!  I truly appreciate all my loyal and occasional readers!



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Hot yoga is great :-)

These photos take my breath away Michelle.


*sigh* gorgeous beach, Michelle. Wish I was there now :)
When you are in your element then everything you do will go smoothly...
take care,Duni

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