Just Some Of This Week's Pets At Our Shelter
A View From My New Home...

The Furkids Have All Found Their New "Spots"

The pets were all a little scared at first when we moved into our new home almost two months ago.  You see they all tend to be a little territorial and they each had a place where they seemed to feel safe and thought belonged to them at the old place.  It took them a few weeks, but now seem to love their new home and have each found some places they like just as much as in our old house.  They are not allowed out on the third floor balconys because it's way too far to the ground and there is plenty of space for them on the first and second floor balconys. 

Unfortunately, moving can be quite traumatic for pets.

As you can see from the above photo, Jasmine saw that our dining room table doesn't get enough use and decided to change that.  Peanut made the same decision about our biggest "decoration" :

006 Fleur is a bit of a couch potato:
065 Princess can be found outdoors 99% of the time.  She grew up outside.  We took her in when she was a very pregnant 8-9 month old:
040 Unfortunately, Lizzie likes the warmth of the cable box:
098 Jasmine likes to play hide and seek in the cushions as well:

002Well that's not all of us, but this is photo overload so you will see the other's spots at a later date.  Thanks so much for stopping by. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Until next time. Michelle


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Hi Michelle,
I was thinking of how your pets coped by the move. I know mine always hated any changes around the house, and each new piece of furniture is always looked at suspiciously...
I'm so glad your pets have adjusted and each found "their" place. That last photo made me smile :)
You have a beautiful new home!!!


Your new home is beautiful. I would have to negotiate for the piano. Happy home and happy pets - so nice to see.

Mike Golch

When we first moved into our condo the babies were really upset with us and refused to you their boxes for a bout a week untill they finly settled down.


I love your home and it looks like the cats do too! I love that you let them be where they are cozy. Our cats rule our house and thats how we like it!!!!


Whoa - my life will NOT be complete until my human gets me a baby grand piano to take naps on!


We have a pet bunny and we just recently moved a month ago. It took him a little while to adjust also, but he's doing great now. Your pets are adorable!


Hola Michelle! Wow you moved into a new home and it has three balconies? I am envious hehehe it must be great to have so much space, for both you and the kitties, have a superb Sunday! :)

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