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My Husband Rescued An Angel Who Can Not Speak...OR Even See For Herself

004My husband found out about the above Persian "Angel" wandering the streets  She was very anemic due to how many fleas she had.  She was also VERY thin since she had just been alone for probably quite a while.  She is a three year old full breed Persian cat and is very beautiful!  Persians are very gentle and are NOT hunters.  Therefore, they are completely dependent on humans for their survival.  While at the vet, it was found that not only was she severely malnourished and anemic, but blind as well.  The vet believed we had found her just in time.

Thank goodness for all of the wonderful volunteers at our shelter.  There were offers by two of them to adopt her right away!  By all accounts she is as sweet as can be.  I was hesitant to visit Angel.  I knew she would remind me of Coco.  I also love, love, love the sweet personality of Persians and knew I would want her too!

Thankfully, Angel went home to her new family today.  She has gained a pound and the anemia is disappearing.  I have NO doubt whatsoever that she will a great life with her new family.  I am so grateful for this happy ending :) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Thank goodness for you and your husband!!! This made my day!!! You saved her life!


You and your husband are amazing humans! I wish there were more like you.


Oh, thank goodness your husband found her! When I saw the picture I was so worried this might not have a happy end...therefore I am totally relieved that not only was she found but that she also found a forever home. What a sweet little kitty ♥


Great job as usual Michelle. It looks like a beautiful cat and luckily now has a second chance at life. Bravo! Have a wonderful Weekend!

Daisy the Curly Cat

What a sweet baby! I'm so glad she found a loving Forever home.


its so cute, good thing your husband found her..


Yay! It's so nice to hear a happy ending! She is so pretty!


Very great indeed!
What an uplifting post!


I am in love with your blog, you have everything I love so much, pets, nature and a lot of sense of humor. Kisses.

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