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SPCA/Humane Society Estate Sale That Actually Made the News Showing Me Sans Make-up/Hair Styled ;(

Last weekend I spent the day at an estate sale benefiting the SPCA/Humane Society for the county I live in. I may have solved my moving issues since I may own almost enough to furnish both houses - the best part is helping the homeless animals!
Bad part is that I was interviewed by the news sans make up/hair done and in yoga clothes.  I will think again before leaving the house in such a hurry again ;)

I am incredibly grateful to this wonderful and generous person who donated their entire estate to help our county's homeless animals.  She has made a huge difference for them!




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Interesting Pictures

You are in the news because your contribution is appreciated by the community. congrats


Hi Michelle!

I had to watch this three times because it was just so nice to see you and hear your voice!
You are amazing!


You look fine! Humans! They always want to be ready for the camera, but they never ask us kitties if we are before they stick a lens in our face.


Yeah, no worries about the make up and hair. You looked BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing that!
Sounds like a really great event!


You looked just fine and what a wonderful thing that person did to donate all their home furnishings. Thanks so much for your part in doing this. Just think of all the lucky animals that will be able to find a home. Such great news. Well done.

Account Deleted

Oh my you look amazingly gorgeous without make-up. I would love to be like you ---to look great even without make-up on TV. You are beautiful!

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