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My Husband Rescued An Angel Who Can Not Speak...OR Even See For Herself

Our Cats New Quarter's - Still a Work in Progress

Our cats still have the run of the house, but we wanted them to have their own room.  There is a cat door leading to the patio/pool.  More photos to come.  I am STILL working on everything...and I'm starting to think I ALWAYS will be ;)

005 Pool photos at night:
009 Fake alligator in the distance:
Thanks for stopping by.  Sending many warm thoughts to my wonderful readers in lieu of visiting you for now.  Take care everyone and I hope you are all well!!!


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Gail's cat, Angel, has the run of the house, too. Someday I'd love to see a time lapse movie of every place the cat goes to during the day and night. That would be interesting.

Angel has a little jungle gym, climbing thingy, too! Whenever we leave her for a few days, we drag that over to the window by the birdfeeders. She loves that!

Nice pool! I couldn't quite make out the alligator, though. Funny idea!

Peace, Michelle! Hope you guys are well, too!

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