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Graduation Day and the Wai Opae Tide Pools in Kapoho


The above photos were taken at the Wai Opae Tide Pools in Kapoho on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This was a very special day for two reasons.  First of all I had a great time in spite of being exhausted on my last day of my Yoga Instructor's training.  Of course the second reason was it was the last day of my Yoga Instructor's training and therefore graduation day!

The Wai Opae Tide Pools in Kapoho are a great place for snorkeling, but also for swimming.  Some areas are very warm and some are quite cool.  As you swim along the temperature seems to change every few feet which might not sound like it feels good, but it really does!

Here are two photos of my fellow graduates and our two fabulous instructors Hayward (the only man pictured) and Star who is pictured at the right side of the second photo.  We had a beautiful ceremony and an incredible dinner.  I am so proud of my certificate which I tried to photo below ~ I DO realize that it's an odd way to display a certificate :)

Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to all my wonderful readers.  I have been slowly adjusting to the time change and resuming my daily routine.  Visiting all of you is on the top of my list of things to do <3


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You look amazing and so happy!!! How wonderful you are now sharing your experience through your yoga teachings and blog! I love it!


Beautiful stances and pretty photos of you! You look graceful with your Yoga pose.


Great pictures and congratulations on your Yoga certificate. Well done. Bet that was really fun to do. Take care.

Don E. Chute

Congratulations on your Graduation.

1 Huge accomplishment hurdled!


Account Deleted

The photos just simply tell us you had such a great time. The scenery is amazing. You look hot!


Michelle, this is so great, congrats! You guys look amazing.


I don't know how you got any work done. With fighting the men off and all. You all look so hot. Congratulations on Graduation. Now I could use a class for us old guys.LOL


You look amazing as always!! I wish we lived closer so I could be in your yoga class!! You are amazing. A kind soul and a yoga master. Congrats!!!! Heidi


What a wonderful experience that whole thing must have been!

Con Artist Trickster

Congratulations! You guys really enjoyed it I see.
Well, salute to the new yoga masters! Cheers! :)


Stunning photos and beautiful poses. I especially love the top photo. You look gorgeous in your little mini skirt and you're just radiating happiness!

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