Black Sands Beach, Hawaii

Solar and Eclipse Settled Into Their New Furever Home

These photos of Solar and Eclipse were sent to me this week by their wonderful mom and dad.  I CAN NOT tell you how thrilled I am to see them so happy and comfortable in their new home.  I am so grateful for these pictures!  They will really help me enjoy my time in Hawaii even more.

Fostering can be such a wonderful experience :) 

I hope everyone is doing well! 048


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It's so nice to know that they are happy!

Account Deleted

They seem to love their new homes...hehehe


They look so happy! I'm glad they've gotten accustomed to their new surroundings.
Thanks for the update :)


Oh my they do look really really happy. That is such great news. Don't you feel good that you helped them find a home and together at that. Hope you are having a great trip.

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

Awww, I think Solar and Eclipse are going to love their new furever home!

Thank you for hosting my EC ad today! Aloha!!


A win-win situation! :D


it's so nice to hear a success story. So often poor kitties never find a wonderful furever home. Solar and Eclipse are truly lucky and to be able to stay together is fantastic.

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