Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
Almost Impossible To Say Goodbye ~ Even After Only 9 Days

My New Himalayan Persian Fosters ~ They Are Exquisite, but Unfortunately Declawed

They are five year old brothers and need to be adopted together. 

My dear frend Duni predicted I would take them in :)

They have made a lot of progress since hiding underneath a bureau yesterday:

Thanks so much for stopping by and wish me luck finding these two sweeties the purrfect home!


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Account Deleted

An addition to the family...seems your family is getting bigger....happy new year Michelle...hope you had a very great one!


Declawed...poor things. The both of them are gorgeous. I know that you will shower them with so much love that they won't ever want to leave your home!!!
sending my blessings and hugs to you all!


They are stunning boys. That is terrible that they were declawed, i.e., mutilated by the humans they used to live with! I can see why they need to be adopted together, they are totally bonded. Paws crossed on finding them a new home!


The kitties are adorable. So many cat people would love to have...oh, maybe at least 20 cats, but it is just not possible. I hope they find their purrfect home.


Those are five gorgeous boys. You really shouldn't have any trouble finding them homes. You should put them on Facebook and I will be glad to do the same. But do you really want to find homes for them.LOL. They are five years old and are declawed. I guess they are neutered too. Let me know if you want me to help you. They really are handsome.


YAY! I'm so happy they are home with you. You know they are going to stay with you forever. ;)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"

They are beautiful! After being with you, they probably won't ever want to live anywhere else. I think they've already found their home. Good luck on finding them another one.


You may have a hard time giving those two cuties up.Hopefully you will find them a home before you get too attached.

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