My New Himalayan Persian Fosters ~ They Are Exquisite, but Unfortunately Declawed
Solar and Eclipse, Mexico and Perhaps a Goodbye

Almost Impossible To Say Goodbye ~ Even After Only 9 Days

Solar and Eclipse went to their furever (hopefully) home today. Their new mom is a nurse and their dad is retired.  Their new family recently lost a Himalayan Persian after having her for nineteen and a half years

Their return policy is any time with no questions asked. 

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers for being so loyal.  No grump test this week.  I will be focusing on catching up on all of my favorite blogs. 010


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The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Excellent news! I know it's sad to have them leave you, but how pawsome for them to have a new forever home.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

Hurray for Solar and Eclipse! I'm sure you're going to miss them but I'm so happy they've found their loving furever home TOGETHER!


I'm so glad they found a home already! Although it must have been so sad to see them go.


I'm happy to hear you've found a permanent home for them both. They are such adorable kitties. I know it's breaking your heart to see them go...I hope they adjust to their new environment soon and that they get lots of loving attention.


Wow thst is so great that they found a home so fast. Good work. We hope they will be very happy. Have a great week.

Pet caskets

it always difficult to say good bye, but they get a nice and caring family. They will be happy their.


Michelle, you are so nice and found Solar and Eclipse a nice home!

Account Deleted

Solar and Eclipse---very nice names....hehehe! Oh I forgot to say that I wish you great in your new year's resolutions to become a better blogger. I already enjoy your blog even though I'm not a cat lover....(I'm a doggie person)...but generally, I love all animals.


hello..Happy New Year to you.. coming by to visit your blog about pets! I have a labrador and she is very cute!

Joy & Jim

Thank you Michelle and David for helping us to adopt
Solar and Eclipse. What a wonderful addition and blessing to our family! We just love them both!

meleah rebeccah

what beautiful cats! So happy they found a home!

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