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Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Solar and Eclipse

004I know what everyone is thinking when they see this photo.  If I were any of you, I would think that I adopted the two Himalayan Persians pictured above.  The truth is I would love to adopt them, but they are up for adoption at my local SPCA.  These two beautiful five year old brothers are very sad and scared.  Their mom needed to go to a nursing home where she could no longer care for them :(  They are very healthy and were extremely well taken care of, but now they don't dare leave each other's side.  They are never not laying right beside each other or on top of each other.  I pray they are adopted together soon.  I have been thinking fo a long time that I would like to have my own cat sanctuary and these two have made me think even more seriously about this.  After spending more and more time at the shelter I am taking steps toward making this happen .

Please remember the homeless animals at your local shelter this Christmas.  There is so much we all can do to make a difference.  I know I've said it before, but when you breed or buy, others in shelters die.

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Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

Poor boys - how very scary for them and I'll bet their momma was heartbroken to have to let them go. I hope they find a loving furever home together soon. You are so awesome to think about starting a cat sanctuary! Keep us posted if you decide to move forward with it. Thank you for all you do to help the shelter kitties. HUGS!


All of the shelter cats where I live have sad stories to tell :(
I wish I could adopt them all. I love the idea of a cat sanctuary, and it would be awesome if you manifested that into reality. YOU are awesome! More power to you, Michelle :)




Meow-ning Michelle! I'm sure the kitties will find a new home soon, they're too cute to resist! :)

Wishing you and your fluffy friends a wonderful Christmas and may your holiday be filled with love, joy and more fluffy love, hugs! :)


My heart broke in two as I read about the frightened kitties at the shelter, and their Mom going to a nursing home. Keeping all of our paws crossed that they find the most wonderful forever home!

Great blog!


I wish we could have them brought to us here! My dream is the same, I would love to be able to have my own sanctuary one day too!

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