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Christmas Decorating

083It has been difficult for me to embrace the Christmas spirit or even decorate this year.  I generally have our house looking like the Griswold's by the first week in November!  This year, just thinking about it made me miss our angel Coco.  She was always there to "help"while I was decorating and I thought that she fit in so well (see below).  Fortunately, my husband put up all his villages and all that was left for me to do was was decorate the tree!   Peanut helped with that as you can see from the above photo by being the first ornament in the tree for the third year in a row.  I'm glad that we decorated even though we will be on a cruise Christmas week.  It helped get me into the Chrstmas spirit, besides this is Sasha's first Christmas.

I have temporarily removed the comment function from my blog.  As much as I love and so appreciate every single comment I receive, I need to keep up with my blogging better.  I will be turning it back on sooner rather than later I'm sure :)



I truly hope all of you are thoroughly enjoying this holiday season.  I finally realized myself that it only comes once a year!