Thankful Thursday and a Revelation
Solar and Eclipse

This is NOT our Florida!

It is SO cold in Florda where we live that mom and dad won't even let us outside to play :/  We wait very patiently each morning by the sliding doors to the patio, but they haven't been open at all for two whole days!  They say that the temperature hasn't gotten out of the forties even in the middle of the day :(  Dad tries to keep us busy playing laser tag, but we sometimes get our own ideas.  Look at Fleur invading one of the Christmas villages like an abominable snow cat!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!


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I heard about your cold snap! Well, you guys are lucky you get to go outside and play at all - I am not allowed out, ever, no matter what the weather is like!


I'm amazed to read that it's cold in Florida?!
I love that photo of Fleur sitting among the pretty Xmas decorations! So sweet :)

take care and stay warm!!!


That picture of Fleur on the mantle is so great. I love that. It doesn't look like she knocked to much off on her way. We love our laser light too. We know when Mom gets it out and we all come running. It is so cold here. We are going out but not for long. Take care and stay warm.


I have been watching the weather and it has been crazy cold in Florida. Sorry for the bad weather. It has been unusually cold up here also.
I love that picture of Fleur on the mantle.
Have a good day.

Funeral Urn

How amazing, it means no limit of cold, then what about Christmas and New year celebration? These will be much cold.

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

Look at the laser beam eyes on those two kitties at the bottom of the stairs! They all look like they're having a great time playing laser tag. I hope it warms up soon so all the kitties can go back outside. Merry Christmas!

William K Wallace

If you want some real cold I will send some over from London, along with some of the white stuff called snow! I wouldn't say no to some Florida cold weather, it would be nice break form what we are getting.

Don't feel too bad about your cold weather, it is always a lot colder some place else...

Karen and Gerard

Sad for you to have temperature in the 40s but be glad you aren't here with the teen temperatures are are having lately in Cleveland. Villages are fun to play in. Our cat likes to knock off the little people.

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