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Mexico Was Nice But It's Nice To Be Home!

013Mexico was beautiful and very relaxing.  I also enjoyed spending time with my friends.  I tried to get a photo of the harvest moon from our balcony, but I'm not very good at using the different settings on my camera:

Our last night after dinner:

010Glad I will see them again when I visit Vermont at the end of October.

As you can imagine, I was hesitant to publish the following photo.  We were just goofing off and I know this was the closest I will ever come to being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, LOL.  Frustrating since I have used Kathy Ireland's workout video for years off and on.   I believe she was in SI's swimsuit issue for 12 different years!
  I missed my family, but knew Chanel and the other pets were all in great hands with my wonderful husband who held down the fort so I could have a girl's week.  Chanel is doing great.  Thanks to all of you who have asked about her and shown concern :)010Thanks for visiting and I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!

Hola From Cancun, Mexico!!!

After 3 delays in Miami and 10 hours of traveling that was supposed to be only 4 hours, I felt like I should have made it as far as Tahiti.  I suppose the view from our balcony shown above helped make it worthwhile :)

002I find the hot tub on the balcony to be a nice touch.

Below is a view of the infinity pool and swim up bar:


  009I don't think I will ever tire of the aqua blue water and powder white

sand - jokingly called air conditioned sand because it never gets hot!

Below is the restaurant we ate at last night overlooking the ocean. The view and the food were both excellent.  One of the best things about staying here is the relaxing atmosphere and remote location in my opinion.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone is having a nice week!

My Cat's Beauty Shop Bill Is More Than Mine!

064Pictured above is my Beautiful LONG haired cat Jasmine.  She is the sweetest cat until it's time to clip her claws or brush her hair.  She can get very grumpy when it comes to grooming time.  I took her to the cat hair salon this week because her hair had gotten SO long.  It was even longer than my Persian cat's hair!

The cat groomer at "The Smitten Kitten" said that about two times a year a cat's coat grows a lot more than usual.  So sixty dollars later and probably a couple pounds lighter is the result shown in these photos.  Jasmine didn't like the visit, but I must say she seems happy with her new  "hair style".  I think the bandanna was worth sixty dollars by itself ;)

As always, I appreciate your visit and I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

A Little More About Vermont - Finally

Toshiba 2 119I love visiting Vermont simply for the views like the one above.   Funny how I never noticed them in high school or college.

 Below is my parents house.  It is in a VERY rural but picturesque location.  The nearest grocery store is about 15 miles away!

Toshiba 2 168

Toshiba 2 129
My mother loves gardening and is quite an expert in my opinion:

Toshiba 2 161

Toshiba 2 155

Toshiba 2 164Here are two of my favorite relatives to visit.  They were both rescues.  The first photo is of Tiffany (a Pomeranian).  The second photo is of Kaylie who is not quite a year old.  She is allowed outdoors, but never is allowed to go far.

Toshiba 2 126

Toshiba 2 145

As always I really appreciate your visit and hope everyone is having a great week!


Chanel and Petfinder Update

011Great news!  Chanel has gained a half a pound or 8 ounces in the past few weeks!  She used to weigh around 8 pounds and 10 ounces.  We thought she was a little heavy then, but she got down to 7 pounds and  3 ounces :(.  She currently weighs around 7 pounds 11 ounces.  Our vet is optimistic and believes that it is quite likely that she missed her sister Coco a lot.  We have been making sure she feels VERY important and knows how much we care about her.

The above photo shows her sleeping in her favorite spot.  It's our first pet scale which didn't work very long.  I'm sure you can guess why!

025I haven't been doing the best job visiting all my favorite blogs because I have been spending time learning how to list my local SPCA's pets on Petfinder's web site.  I do think I understand it now and have some sort of system going.

I visited the SPCA today and took a lot more photos of cats like the little siamese mix pictured above.  She was SO scared, but so sweet and pretty.  She was left outside their gate one night this week in a milk crate tied to the gate with some type of old cell phone charger :(

Now for some good news.  The white kitten pictured below was adopted while I was there.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will be visiting your sites very soon my friends.  Have a terrific day!