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Simply Evil or Just a Childish Prank?


Some loser(s) very immature person(s) cut two square holes in my screened in pool that my cats love to roam around in while I was gone for 4 hours to dinner and a movie on Saturday night. My male cat Peanut was missing when I got home and I never would have noticed the holes in the dark - except my Jasmine jumped out the hole as I was looking around the pool for Peanut. SO glad I live in a gated community.

So, SO happy to have my Peanut back.  He's the peace maker around this joint:

( I know my soda can on the piano makes the picture)

It took two hours to find him, but I was scared to death that someone had taken him or worse yet hurt him.  I am SO thankful that none of my other cats have any desire to go outside.  Peanut always runs to the door when it opens, but never has gotten far and doesn't seem to want to run that far away.  I was also a little concerned about some of the wild life we have in the area like ALLIGATORS! 

I'm also a little bummed out that I now A) can't let the cats out in the patio/pool area as much B) I have to set my security system around the clock now.  I tend to forget to shut it off thus alerting the police department mistakenly and C) now we feel the need to install security cameras which will cost thousands :(  

I filed a police report and the officer thought it was a kid playing a joke.  I never played these kind of jokes and I was certainly no angel - sorry to disappoint anyone ;)  Of course I am very upset about potentially losing my cats especially after losing one to cancer less than three months ago.   However, it just seems to me that whoever did this is capable of other despicable acts.

Did I mention we live in a gated community?

One last photo showing a very sad Peanut sitting near the patio doors wishing they would open:


Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day! 


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Tim Hicks

I'm so glad that you found Peanut. It looks like whoever did it knows that you have cats. It's terrible that people do things like that. You would think that living in a gated community, you would be immune from this type of vandalism. It's sad that we have to now conform our lives around the despicable acts of others.


How horrible that must have been for you! I would totally freak out if Boodie or Sparkle got out because they are skittish, nervous kitties. (Binga can be manipulated to get back inside, and fortunately she is the only one who has ever gotten out.) Plus we live in coyote country, and they roam our neighborhood. I'm so glad Peanut turned up, but that's terrible that your property was vandalized - childish prank or not, it was an evil act.


I'm so very glad you got Peanut back safe and sound. I would certainly panic if Sammy got lost somewhere and couldn't find back home.
It seems these days we need to live completely fenced in. We are also considering installing a camera at out main entrance, because some idiot keeps throwing their junk into our front garden. Despicable.

p.s. hope all your kitties are safe and sound


So glad Peanut didn't 't go too far. We had the same thing happen a few years ago in a gated community in SoFL. Don't let this change you too much, because then the bad guys win.


So glad you got Peanuts back. It's totally messed up that people do such things!


I am so glad that you found your cat. It never ceases to amaze how people do those things. No reward for them that I can see. They don't even steal. They just destroy. It makes me sick.
Have a good weekend.


That is just terrible. We are so glad that you found Peanut. Probably some darn kids that thought it would be funny to see the cat run away. Too bad they can't go out there anymore. The world has so many weirdos in it, it is scary. Just glad that no one was hurt and that you got Peanut back.
Have a good week end.

Account Deleted

That's horrifying...but at least Peanut is back. There will a;ways be people who get "joyful" when they try to make others' lives terrible, sad, and agonizing.

amy lilley

So glad that the kittys are all present and accounted for..I would have had a coronary..my felines are indoor all the way...I don't have the disposition for outdoor cats...hope you find out who slashed your screened porch..yes, you did mention that you live in a gated community...arrgghh...


I'm SO glad that you and the kitties are all OK and Peanut was found fairly quickly. Two hours can seem like forever though when you're looking for a beloved kitty.
That is strange (but fortunate)though, that nothing was taken and no other damage was done. I really can't imagine why anyone would do that.

Christina Wigren

Dear Michelle,
I am so sorry that vandals have cut your screen door. You must be really angry. I am glad that the cats are unharmed; but what a scare!
We had a similar, but milder thing happen to us: One night, someone cut all of our daffodils that were growing around a sundial in the middle of the yard. They were not even near the fence. Did they need a bouquet quick? When the flowers were prettiest.
I hate vandals. I hope this will be the last of it for you. But you are left with a creepy feeling.
Best wishes,
Anna (aka Christina Wigren)

Take a peek when you have the time. It's a permalink:

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

So glad that you found Peanut safe and sound. Why do people have to do such stupid, thoughtless things?! I wonder if any of the other neighbors have had similar problems lately? I hope it doesn't happen again.


how immature of that burglar to do that. good that ur pet did not go far

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