Thankful Thursday! Sasha Is Making Fast Friends :)
Just a Quick Post to Show Off My 8 Week Old Cuddle Bunny Sasha and My New More Than I Expected Highlights


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Lake Champlain is one big mother of a lake, isn't it? Used to live 3 blocks away from it ...hoo-boy in the winter, the wind coming off the lake....


Ah, what a place!! And Michelle? You look STUNNING!!!!


Looks like a beautiful place. I love that dress you're wearing. You look gorgeous in it!


the place is so relaxing!! U look gorgeous with your nice dress..


It's been years since we've been there, looks so quiet and peaceful.
I really liked the pics of Puerto Rico, it looks like a beautiful place, someplace warm that I'd definitely like to visit.


I imagined it colder. It looks like a very nice place, and your smile warms it up beautifully!

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