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Thankful Thursday! Sasha Is Making Fast Friends :)

016 Sasha will be around 6 weeks old tomorrow and you can see how tiny she is next to 4 year old Jasmine who weighs around 7 and a half pounds! Although we are introducing her to our other pets, my husband or I need to be present given her age and size.  One thing in her favor is her speed! 

Here she is sleeping on my shoulder: 038

And one last photo of her favorite sleeping position on her back.  She loves belly rubs <3 019 My other pets haven't gotten equal face time lately so I'm going to make a point to change that in the near future.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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amy lilley

Oh we're all suckers for kittens...we can't get enough of baby Sasha...she's just a dreamgirl...but those paws look like she's got some 'growing into' ahead of her...great pics!!!


Oh my god, Sasha is so adorable!!!!!!


adorable! :)

RE - Entrepod

Soooo Adorable. ooo she's cute !


Aww, so cute! I love that little white patch by her eye. She's going to grow up to be a heart breaker.

Tim Hicks

I'm glad that she is getting used to everything and everybody. I hope that she is able to make friends with Jasmine. I have to say that she certainly is cute and I'm sure that she'll use that to her advantage :)


too sweet!


Oh, what a sweet little baby. I just love that last photo of her on her back!
Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.


She looks very, very content!


Yup Sasha is so very cute. Glad she is speedy. Bet that is hysterical when she runs like crazy. She is a tiny little thing but she will be big soon enough. Glad we got to see her again. You just can't take too many pictures of the kitten. Hope you have a wonderful week end too. Maybe Sasha can be a therapy cat.

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

She is sooo cute! I hope she makes friends with efurrybody else in the house soon. Thanks for sharing her with us!


aw,she is just so cute. so adorable!!!

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