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Happy April Fool's Day! I Am Feeling A Little Foolish :)

But maybe some of you crafty bloggers that I know are out there have some tips for me...



You see I went to Michael's  yesterday and bought out the scrap booking supplies section way, way too much for someone who has only done two very basic scrap book kits.  I'm looking forward to making them.  However, I'm not the most crafty person so any hints or tips would be GREATLY appreciated so my investment doesn't go to waste and I will have a real masterpiece (at least to me) afterward.

Have a great day and I hope no one has too many tricks played on them ;)


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Happens to me every time I go to Michael's. Especially around Christmas time.
I am not crafty per se, but I love the things you bought.


Oooh, those items your purchased look lovely. Although I would call myself 'crafty' I've only done a few scrapbooks, so I'm no expert. I would keep to a colour scheme of two main colours and add just a little contrasting colour here and there. Well, that's my two cents :)

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