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My Escape to Vermont


I love, love, love to travel!  That is one of the reasons I changed the name of my blog was to give me the latitude to talk about whatever I want including traveling which I was pretty much doing anyway.  At least now I don't have to feel funny about doing it :)

Here is the view from our condo at Smuggler's Notch in Jeffersonville, Vermont where I stayed with several friends from high school two weeks ago.  My BFF, Tina, rented this beautiful condo for my visit (I have great friends if you didn't already guess).  I live in Florida, but I grew up in Vermont.  I hated the snow and couldn't wait to live somewhere warm and sunny like I do now.  It has not been very warm in Florida lately either, but in comparison...

I guess it's part of getting older, but I miss the seasons, the lovely mountainous scenery, and even the snow!  I love traveling to tropical places, but this was one of my best vacations ever!  It was so relaxing watching the snow fall outside our condo's huge windows.  We watched lots of movies in front of the gas fireplace and ate at a couple of rustic restaurants with great food.  I cant wait to go back.  It doesn't help that one of my friends made the above photo my computers screen saver lol!

Of course I need to tell you that Coco had a good day today!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

In closing I want to say thanks Tina and here is a photo of her and I way up high in the mountains:


It Feels Great To Be Blogging Again!

  I'm so excited to be blogging after a six month hiatus and thinking almost every day that I miss it and need to start again!  During my time away I knew that I needed to branch out and write about more than animal rescue and my pets.  That is the reason for the name change.  As I stated in my first blog, we are no longer able to foster animals like we did when I started that blog.  We are still involved in animal rescue, but it is mainly in the form of donations.  For those of you that don't know, we kept many of our fosters and one of our first pets named Coco:


was diagnosed with GI Lymphoma on 1/07/09.  She had been previously misdiagnosed a few months before.  When she finally had surgery on her date of diagnosis, the disease was quite advanced.  She also has an aggressive form of the disease.  The good news is we found out she was in remission in June.  She has done really well since...that is until three days ago.  She has been quite sick during this time and I am devastated.  I will continue to fight and pray for her as long as she is happy and not suffering.

I plan to write again tomorrow about what I plan to write about once I've thought about it a little more.

In case you've stumbled across this, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day :)