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Friday Fur-iends: My Trip To the Local SPCA Today

I visited our local SPCA today to donate some pet food and clothes for their thrift shop to sell.  I felt very welcome by so many furry friends.  They were all sweet as can be!!!  Sorry I didn't get names.





These photos were in the adult section of the shelter.  It is a very nice no-kill shelter.  They have had a lot of help over the summer from kids on summer break.  Now they may need some help and I will do what I can.

It always makes me happy when anyone adopts a pet.  I wish more people would adopt adult cats.  They usually have had their shots and been spayed or neutered.   They also don't tear everything apart as badly :)


Coco News and My Beautiful Make Up Bag From Dunibagz


I have wanted to update everyone on Coco and also tell everyone how impressed I am with my purchase from Dunibagz!

First of all Coco is doing great!  She has been in remission for almost two months now and weighs a whopping 7 pounds 10 ounces which is HUGE for her :)

I wanted a nice make up bag and I decided to buy one from one of my favorite bloggers.  I love visiting her blog here.   I simply love this bag and am so impressed with how talented of a seamstress Duni is (and I used to teach Fashion Design too).  She shipped it lightening fast and even included a nice letter saying how it was nice to have someone that shared her love of animals buy from her - very nice!

Here is a close up of my beautiful bag that I will be so proud to use when I visit some of my family at the end of this month in Vermont:


Rambo's Rescue and Progress


I am happy to report good news about Rambo.  I first ran a post about Rambo here.  He had been beaten very badly and had a severely broken leg that may different veterinary surgeons said could not be saved.  Finally, a surgeon was found at Ohio State University who said he could save the poor thing's leg.  Even though he was booked solid for two months he decided to take this emergency case and operate.  Thankfully his leg is intact!  Here is what the family wrote me:

Rambo is doing well now.  Thanks to Dave and Maria.  He had surgery to repair his leg 7/15/09.  He now has a external fixator on his leg and most likely will have to have another minor surgery to remove it in 6 to 7 weeks.  Until then he'll be visiting Dr. Dyce at OSU at least once a week. Maria and Dave, you will forever hold a place in the Humes family's heart.  God bless daily.
               Thank you!!
                 Trace, Mikeal, Dawson and Rambo

Rambo is in a crib so he can't move around too much and he will be an indoor kitty from now on.

I love happy endings :)


Me IN the Lion's Den and Other Photos of Animals at Busch Gardens

Here is a very large cat called A Serval.  I thought he was very cute, but then I love all cats!


Here are some very cuddly looking (IMHO), small critters called Ring-Tailed Lemurs:


Now you will see just how much I love cats.  Here I am in the lions den!  WARNING:  Not for the faint of heart - so if you are feeling brave scroll down:





Ok, Ok.  You probably didn't fall for it anyway :(

Here you can see the glass separating us here where he tried to "play" by swatting his paw at me, lol!


I will be spending the next couple of days visiting everyone's blog who didn't give up on me last week!  Thanks for all your great comments.  They are all greatly appreciated :)