Friday Fur-iends: My Trip To the Local SPCA Today
Hello Again My Friends


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At least you have help!


hahaha What the cute cat ^__^ I love it

Reese =^..^=

She looks so cute on the bed!


She helps you like Maya helps me.

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

Awww, she's sooo cute! Mommie's little helper. ;o)

If she was lighter when she was a kitten, I'm thinking Lily is going to get darker as she ages, too. She is already getting a much darker face. I need to take pics so I can compare to the photos I took several weeks ago.


Too cute!


I have a snowshoe mix and her name is Coco Chula. Their colors are so similar. Beautiful kitty!!


Coco - you are so sweet and clever to help your mommy make the bed :)
Gorgeous bedspread, btw.

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain

That is so cute:)

Shinade aka Jackie

Coco what a good helper you are. Rascal and Mollipop like helping me too. Some times making it nearly impossible to get completed.

Hi Maria, I apologize for my down time but the last couple of days have been rather hectic. I have to add that I too love your bedspread. I have a hand made quilt from my mother in law on mine and I just love it.

I hope you are having a great week!


The truth is... I WANNA BE YOUR CAT!


I wish my dogs would help me make my bed up instead they just jump on the bed and mess it all up but its o.k. I love them all and it just means I do not have to make it up again. Ha ha ha. I wanted you to know I have missed your visits. I have not been by lately because my hand is giving me trouble I have to go and see the doctor about it. You be sure tho to stop by and visit me at and vote for me when they offer a prize again at my voting page. So far the site is not offering anything. This hurts because I needed that help. Hugs your friend always lilyruth

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