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Roxy Update and Pathology Report

Roxy Update


I'm happy to report that Roxy is doing very well post-surgery.  The hot packing is paying off; the incision is healing nicely and the drains were removed Tuesday.  She's off all pain meds, and just now receiving her antibiotic (Clavamox) twice daily for the next day or so.  She's eating and drinking water, and seems to be in good spirits.  Although, as even the vet said: "She would never complain about anything or put up a fuss; she is such a good kitty!"
Unfortunately, the pathology report has been delayed until Friday.  They've advised they need to do some additional tests.  So, we're waiting patiently [sigh] and definitely keeping positive thoughts for a full recovery.  The fact of the matter is that she has not been definitively diagnosed yet.  The suspected diagnosis of feline VAS was based solely upon the opinion of both the surgeon and my regular vet in the absence of actual pathology.  The best case scenario is that, somehow, it isn't cancer.  The second best scenario is that, if it is cancer, they were able to remove it all and her blood work shows no metastasis.  We're not even thinking about any worst case scenarios!
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  Please continue to keep Roxy in your prayers and keep spreading the news about feline VAS.  Regardless of what Roxy's diagnosis is, this problem is very real and will only be mitigated through greater awareness.


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Glad to hear the surgery went well. I hope the pathology report follows suit.

Daisy the Curly Cat

I'm glad that Roxy is on the mend, and I am thinking real good thoughts for a good pathology report!

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

I'm so happy to hear that Roxy continues to do well. I hope the test results come back with "good" news and that Roxy is well on her way to a complete and speedy recovery!


Yea Roxy, I'm certainly hoping for the best news for you and Roxy and so glad she is on the mend. We love our pets so much and it hurts us just as much as seeing our own children in pain. All the best and I love Roxy's kitty throw.


I hope all goes well with Roxy

JT Locke -- The Frugal Housewife

I am glad that Roxy is doing better!!! I, too, am hoping for good news about the tests!!!


I do hope ROxy will be fine. I will pray for this and Listen I have good news Boogie came out of her surgery just fine altho she still does not have her full appetite back Im sure she will be just great. Now I do not have to worry about her getting out and getting friendly with the male dogs.. Smile She does like to flirt alot. I just thought you all would like to know the news. You all have a great and Happy Day and share them with your pets.. @lilruth


Hoping for the best.
Have a great weekend, Maria.

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