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Roxy Status


My best friend Stefanie has spent the past month trying to get her precious Roxy well. Roxy was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma on July 1st.  In less than one month the tumor has returned and is nearly as big as it was before she had surgery on June 26th.  Roxy is such a sweet cat and has always been so healthy.  To make matters worse the tumor was caused by a vaccine she received eight years ago!

Stefanie is beside herself and could really use some supportive words of advice or experience.  Thanks in advance.

Here are some more photos of pretty little Roxy:





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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"

Roxy is adorable! I think sometimes vets overdo it with all their vaccines.

Caledonian Jim

Don't give up hope.

Our cat had tumours removed THREE times four years ago. Before each operation we were told there was "little or no hope".

I can see her in the garden doing her usual patrol as I type ! With a number of lives left, it seems. Never give up.


Poor little Roxy. She's so sweet. I wish I could offer some advice, but this is the first I heard about this kind of tumor right here on your blog. Sending positive vibes to Roxy and her mommy ♥

Daisy the Curly Cat

Roxy is such a beauty. I'm sorry she has to go through this, but I am purring my best for her!

Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

Steph, I am so sorry that the tumor has returned. Is Roxy in pain? What does the vet say about additional surgery? I have to say reading about all this has made me glad that I haven't done yearly vaccinations for all our dogs and cats. If they don't leave the house or our property, I don't feel it is necessary. I do the puppy and kitten vaccines and that is all. I may even have to rethink those in the future. I'm praying for Steph and Roxy. This is a tough one.

Your Daily Cute

Roxy looks like the sweetest thing. So sorry the tumor has returned. Keep upbeat around her and hopefully all the positive thoughts will help her and keep her happy, too. I'll be thinking of both of you and hoping for the best.


Poor Roxy! It's so frustrating that vets use the cheaper but more risky vaccines. There are VERY safe vaccines out there...Merial makes the PureVax Rabies vaccine that will not cause the injection site tumors, but so few vets use it.


I agree with Caledonian Jim -- don't give up.
Have a great weekend, Maria :-)

Margaret Elmendorf

Sorry to hear about Roxy. Hopefully they can remove the tumor again and try to get it all. That is discouraging but try to stay positive that things will get better and work out for Roxy. Take one day at a time.
Good luck to you. I hate it when my animals are sick.

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