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Please Pray For Roxy - My BFF's Cat is Having Major Surgery Now

My best friend who lives in San Diego, California has a beautiful cat named Roxy who has a very fast growing cyst or maybe tumor on her shoulder.  Roxy was supposed to have surgery yesterday, but they realized the surgery was going to be too extensive.  They may need to remove part of her bone from her shoulder.  Stef's cats are just like her babies to her.  All of us cat lovers understand how that is :)  Please pray for her that all goes well and maybe the problem is not as bad as they are worried it is.  The cost was supposed to be $370 now it is $2.500 (this is California fees).  Stef is mostly worried about Roxy of course, however, the sticker shock never helps in these situations. 

The SPECIALIST said certain vaccines were sometimes causing cancers in cats.  I haven't gotten the details on this.  I will certainly find out more and post what I learn about this.

Please send positive thoughts, purrs, and prayers her way.  You've all certainly helped me in the past.  Maybe we can work a little miracle for her too.

Here are some photos of Stef with her kitties - Roxy and Oliver:



Here is a photo of Stef with her other baby Oliver:



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Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

My prayers are with your friend and Roxy. It is never easy going through these things with our companions and the cost can be devastating as well. I will have to do some research now on the vaccines causing such a thing. Several of my animals have had severe reactions to vaccinations so I don't have them vaccinated any longer (with the exception of rabies). Perhaps I was tuned into something when I made that decision!

Daisy the Curly Cat

I hope Roxy will be okay. I have heard of vaccination site sarcomas. That's why vaccinations now are given on the shoulders or hip area (depending on the vaccine) instead of the neck scruff/between the shoulder blades. In the worst case scenario, at least there is an option to remove the affected area which cannot be done when it's in the neck area.


Hope Roxy is going to be OK. She's adorable.


Just wanted to report that Roxy's surgery went very well :) The surgeon believes he got all of the mass (a suspected vaccine-associated sarcoma). Thankfully, he did not have to take any of her scapula (shoulder blade), where the vaccine was administered, as the mass was not attached to the bone at all.

Roxy will not be coming home w/ me tonight. The surgeon and his wife, who is also his technician and anesthesiologist (they're an amazing team; here's a link to their website: http://www.fidossurgeon.com/), as part of their fee, offer post-operative care in their home and have indicated they would feel more comfortable doing that w/ Roxy. She has a drain at her wound site that will be difficult to deal w/ and they want to keep her on IV fluids for the night.

I'm actually relieved they're going to be taking care of her tonight, as I know she will receive the best care. However, I am definitely looking forward to seeing my precious girl tomorrow!

I've done a little research on Feline Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma (VAS), which as I mentioned above, is what they suspect Roxy had. Apparently, the cause of the cancer is being linked to the adjuvant that is used in vaccines. This is the agent that enables the cat's immune system to recognize the protein/virus being introduced by the vaccine so that antibodies will be created. It should be noted that Feline VAS is not associated w/ any particular vaccine, but rather vaccines in general. Many vaccines are now supposed to be adjuvant-free. My regular vet has indicated she wants to contact the FDA about the vaccines they've been using b/c of our situation.


I'm so glad Roxy is doing well and will be in such capable hands tonight. I know she will be looking forward to seeing her mommy just as much as mommy is her tomorrow!


[Roxy Update Cont.]
In Roxy's case, it was the Feline Distemper vaccine that she received a YEAR ago; however, the tumor showed up almost over-night (I swear) and was extremely fast growing. I noticed it last Tuesday (6/16); between then and now it almost tripled in size. Talk about scary! Watch your kitties carefully for this, especially after vaccination.

My thanks to everyone for their thoughts/prayers, and especially to "MariaMichelle" and "DavetheHubby," both of whom I love dearly.

"Hi" to Daisy too. "MM" always talks about your blog! :)

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