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Coco Sitting Like a Hooman and Playing With Her Favorite Toy

If you've read many of my previous posts, I'm sure you've probably seen several photos of Coco sitting like a human.  None of our other cats do this that we know of.  Here are some photos of her sitting up, playing with her favorite toy that was a birthday present from a good friend, and finally resting.

Thanks for all your well wishes.  She is doing great:)


Coco toy from deb 


My Trip to the Veterinary Emergency Room

I had to take Coco to the emergency room a couple nights ago.  She basically just wasn't eating, playing, or acting like herself.  Our pet scale really came in handy.  I weighed her and she was only 6 pounds and 11 ounces,  She is usually right around 7 pounds so that told me that she probably hadn't eaten most of the day. 

It turned out that Coco's white blood cell level was low due to her chemo which is to be expected and the vet gave her a shot of vitamin B complex and some antibiotics.  The next morning she was back to eating, playing, and purring - thank goodness!  The vet also didn't feel any lump at all which was good news.

I was very stressed out while I was there.  Of course there were LOTS of emergencies coming in.  The one thing that helped me was the three "clinic cats" they had.  I have never met any creature with such nerves of steel.  They were cool as cucumbers with all the barking and commotion.  They were definitely some "cool cats" :) 

All I can say is I am so grateful to people who do jobs like those in that emergency room!  I love animals, but I do not think I could handle what they do everyday.

  Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.  Here are a couple photos of Coco with her sisters and brother:


Er trip






Almost Wordless Wednesday: "OK Peanut; How Are You Going to Get Down This Time?"

If you have seen some of my previous posts involving our only male cat Peanut, you have probably seen some of the predicaments he has gotten himself into.  Here is an example of yet one more:



Elizabeth or Lizzie is the kitty walking on the back of the bed in a slightly safer place.


I have Some More Fantabulous News!!!

Coco went to her regular vet today for her mid-month chemo check-up.  They basically check her blood cell count and feel the lump.  Well, Guess what?  The vet could hardly feel anything!  Two weeks ago the lump was down by about 60% and now it was pretty much undetectable.   One of the vets even had a card and toy for her birthday!  Her blood work was good too.  Needless to say, I don't think I've ever been so overjoyed.

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, well wishes and especially purrs.  I know they've helped :) 

Here are a couple photos of our angel:



BTW, I don't really think fantabulous is a word, but I am feeling a little giddy!