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Wordless Wednesday: Coco, Chanel, and Jasmine Trying to Stay Cool on the Patio

Coco's Vet Visit Was AWESOME!!!

Coco's visit to the oncologist was wonderful!  Her tumor is GONE.  The doctor did a sonogram and he saw NOTHING!  She will still need to go back once a month for her pill, but hopefully she will be well for a very long time.  The oncologist said he'd seen animals be healthy for many, many years with this pill.  Those of you that have followed my blog know this is pretty much a miracle!

Our cats health insurance is around $10.00/month.  If you want to know more please contact me.  That seems like a good deal to me.  A friend of mine just brought her kitty to the vet for what is probably a cyst and it cost a total of more than $700.00 with x-rays and all!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm too happy to type right now.

TGIF and have a great weekend :)



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dave the hubby

Our little baby is doing so well, She has been such a trooper thru all this. She is really back to her old self and playing and eating and creating havoc, Thanksfor all your prayers and well wishes.
A special thanks to Westside animal clinic and FVS in florida. They are the best

Daisy the Curly Cat

Woohoo! I am going to do the Happy Dance because of this wonderful news. Way to go, Coco!


I am so, so excited!!! It is gone! What a miracle!!! Congrats!


My goodness, Maria, this is AWESOME!!!!! I am so so so happy for you and Coco!


So glad to know that Coco is free of her tumor. That's fantastic news. Cat insurance seems to be a wonderful idea. All the best to you and kitties :)


This is wonderful news! Yay Coco!


Woohoo! I am so, so happy for Coco. That is the best news ever! I wish all of your kitties continued good health.

have a great weekend,


Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch

Woo hoo! I am so happy for you and Coco and the rest of the gang. Have a fabulous weekend.


It is a miracle! One we've been praying for ever since New Year's Eve. I'm so glad and so happy for you guys and Coco.

BTW... health insurance is something I'm definitely going to look into... I'm at $760 and counting w/ Roxy Rox...:( And the cyst hasn't even gone down!


Hooray for gone tumors! Thats Grrrreat news.

Your Daily Cute

Yay! I love good news. :) So happy for all of you.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"

Oh wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! GREAT NEWS!! I'm sure you're ecstatic! I know how ecstatic we were when our first cat, Moe, recovered from fatty liver disease in spite of the vet at the corner of our street giving up on him.

dave the hubby

This is the best Fathers day present I could ever ask for.
When I am away on business its hard as I miss all the fur kids and my beautiful wife.
its not the same w/o
Princess sitting by her dish so politely waiting for her breakfast
Lizzie jumping on my chest and giving me a paw massage.
Chanel coming into watch me shave and laying on her back wanting her morning belly rub
Fluer and jasmine with their squeaky meows wanting attention
Peanut well being peanut and getting himsrlf into predicaments and then waiting for me to get him out of them
and of course COCO waking up to see her cute face staring at me and wanting to play fetch .
Then there is my beautiful wife who always seems to bring a calm and some sanity into everyones lives with her loving care . I miss watching her face light up with her beautiful smile when she sees Coco every morning when she wakes up. Michelle has very speacial bond with Coco that has played a huge role in Coco doing so well.
Daddy loves all of you and misses you this Fathers Day

RE Ausetkmt

Thank God for Miracles; especially small furry purring ones. I am so glad coco is back to her divine divalicious self. give her a hug from me and tell her to keep it divalicious. grrrrrrr....

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