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Friday Fur-iends: My BFF Stefanie's Oliver - AKA Ollyver

My BFF Stefanie who is in many of my posts throughout this blog has two lovely cats.  She has a girl cat named Roxy who is VERY shy but actually lets me and hardly anyone else besides Stefanie pet her!  I will be including Roxy in my blog in the coming weeks.  This week I am featuring Oliver who is six years old, playful as can be, and a very handsome mancat.   He has the shiniest black coat I have ever seen!  I jokingly call him Ollyver.  He is one of the most fun pets I have ever met.  He is extremely friendly and loves people.

The best thing I have to report in this post is Stefanie will be visiting me in Florida from San Diego in less than a month for a whole week.  Yeehaw!

Here are some great pics of Ollyver.  The first one is of him in stealth mode: