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Coco Photos and Update

First of all, I am SO, SO very sorry for the delay in this post.  I do know that some of you have followed Coco's story over the past six months.  I apologize for not posting on her more often.  However, I don't want anyone to find my site depressing and I have several other pets. 

To make a long story short, I have good and bad news.  First of all, Coco is having a great time with her sisters and brothers.  She goes to the pool everyday and loves it.  She is eating well, weighs about seven pounds, and you truly wouldn't guess anything was wrong if you didn't know she has high grade lymphoma.  The bad thing is her chemo didn't work that well and she has a tumor again.  We have taken her to a specialist and he gave her a new medicine that works very differently than the others.  This medicine called CCNU could still put her into remission.  So once again I am asking for your positive thoughts and prayers. 

Overall, I am so grateful for the past six months and whatever time I will have.  It has been really incredible how well she has done and I know that we've been fortunate to have had the time we've had and been able to do everything we've done for her.  Lastly, please rest assured Coco's comfort, happiness and quality of life are of utmost importance to us.  I will keep you posted and thanks so much again for your continued thoughts and prayers!


Day at the pool:






Getting ready to give the piano a try:


Friday Fur-iends: My Jasmine

This week I decided to feature my extremely loving and adorable Jasmine.  She is Elizabeth (Lizzy's sister).  They are both about 3 and 1/2 years old.  They were found in a barn when they were about two weeks old in Ohio.  Their mother was killed by a horse they think.  They were very cold and hungry.  The vet didn't think they had much of a chance.  They were bottle fed until they were about six weeks old and now are as healthy as can be.  They are SO loving because they were raised by humans and I really think they thought (and think) I was their mom.

Here are some photos of her and I will be writing an update on Coco this weekend!




Friday Furr-iends: Lulu and Gertie

If you have read my blog much at all, you definitely know that I am cat crazy.  However, I love all animals especially dogs.  Jolynn, a great friend of mine from high school sent me some of the cutest photos of her two adorable pugs named Lulu and Gertie.  Like myself, she thinks of her pets as her children and hers go everywhere with her!

Here are her babies. They are now 6 and 5 years old, LuLu is the older sister. They are such sweet angels who show nothing but love for everyone! They are inseparable, like magnets.

Here they are on Halloween:


And in their matching Irish cable-knit sweaters:


Just hangin' out at home: