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I Got the Heart and Soul Award From One of My Favorite Writers :)!!!


I feel SO very honored to receive the Heart and Soul Award from one of my favorite writers!  Heidi, also known as the Health Wannabe Mom at:  http://www.healthnutwannabeemom.blogspot.com/ .   Heidi is such an inspiration to so many people including myself.  In spite of having a four year degree in Nutritional Sciences I learn so many new and interesting facts from Heidi.  She is also an animal lover, rescuer, and vegetarian just like myself.

This is a beautiful award that is given to those blogs that have touched or inspired you.  I am to pass it on to three blogs that have touched or inspired me and here are my picks:

El from Malaysia who is the writer of:  http://www.thecatzine.com/.  El is only 26 years old and has helped a great deal of stray animals.  Not only does he help these helpless little animals but his blog The Cat Zine contains information to help pet owners with any issue from A-Z.  He recently adopted a kitten named Bunga who he has several inspirational stories about, as well as some adorable photos.

Bob from http://blackholesandastrostuff.blogspot.com/.  Even though Bob writes about outer space which is something that I know next to nothing about, I have become interested and fascinated by it from reading his blog.  I am inspired by how much passion he has for his hobby and how much effort he puts into his site.  He always answers comments on his site and the visitors, uses humor in his writing, and is even going to China this summer for a total solar eclipse even though he doesn't like flying.  The photos on his site are AMAZING!

Last but not least, Furkidsmom who is the writer of http://www.friendsfurevercatblog.blogspot.com/ .  I love this blog because it is so positive and fun.  The Furkidsmom is so friendly and knowledgable.   This blog is so cute and fun to read.  I visit anytime I need to smile:)!


Coco Got Tagged for Seven Things You Didn't Know About Her :)

Coco is very excited that she got tagged by:  Golden Prague, Expat life, tips and reviews at:  


                     So here are seven (or so) things she wants you to know about her:

Here is Coco with her twin sister Chanel.  We have lived with our mommy and daddy since we were 8 weeks old.  We were adopted from a rescue group for only $50.00 each!


 Now that it is getting so nice, I love hanging out at the pool with my sisters:


Here I am playing with one of my favorite toys:


Here are some of my favorite toys.  My mom and dad can never tell what I might take a liking to or not:                                        


I could care less about these toys:


Here is a collage that my mom put together of me, her, and daddy: 


These are some portraits she had done a few months ago.  I know they are hard to see, sorry!


Here I am laying on my new cat tree wheree I REALLY like the top spot.  Jasmine is laying under me and that is fine:


  I love to explore ANYTHING new that comes into the house.  here I am on mommy's new sofa she waited three months for because it was backordered:


Coco is doing very well.  She weighs about seven pounds. plays constantly, is back to playing fetch with her little mice, and jumped almost four feet in the air recently!


Happy St. Paddy's Day From the Maria Michelle's and Dave's Furkids

This is my first attempt at costumes of any sort and, as I suspected, is was NOT easy!

Here is our Black Lab Shadow next to Peanut who is a little camera shy:


And here is Chanel:


And Coco:


And Peanut again:


I tried to get them all to participate but not everybody wanted to play this game.

Have a Wonderful St. Patrick's Day!