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Another Coco Update Finally!


The above photo is of Coco with her sister Chanel a few days ago along with her pink monkey that I bought to hang on her cage the day she came home from the hospital.  She seems to like that monkey.  It's funny, I never can tell what toys they will get attached to or not.

It has been three weeks today since her surgery and I must say that the transformation is amazing!  She began chemotherapy last Thursday because her blood levels were excellent and the vet felt she was ready and the sooner the better.  Her treatments so far have been mild and will be this week as well.  I do realize that they may not all be.  However, the word "chemo" has always made me shiver to say the least.  I am beginning to feel differently.  It is medicine and helps a lot of god's creatures get well!

I really want to apologize for not updating more often and ESPECIALLY for not responding to and or returning comments.  I feel VERY badly about this!  I have continued to participate in Entrecard by reading blogs and dropping cards because it is very helpful and enjoyable to me right now.  It is a great anxiety reducer for me!

Blogging has been good for me and I am going to try to get back into the swing of things.  Again, I can never thank all of you enough for visiting my site, checking on Coco and your well wishes.  God bless all of you!

Family Photos With Coco and Some of Our Other Critters

Four days after Coco's surgery, which was two weeks ago today, we had a professional photographer visit our house to get some family photos.   I am very happy with some of the pictures considering I had gotten about 8 hours of sleep over those four days and I have a hard time keeping my eyes open while having my photo taken under the best of circumstances!  Coco was a little overdue for her nap as well.

We are going to purchase quite a few of the photos and have at least one made into a large portrait (one that kinda looks like an oil painting).  I would love some feedback on which ones you like the best.  I will be purchasing quite a few of them soon.

Here is the link:


when you get to the site you need to type "coco" in the search box and then Coco the cat and family should pop up.  Thanks for looking and your feedback.

I will leave you with a photo of Coco in my bag  that I take to work (she loves getting inside all boxes and bags).  How I wish I could take her with me :)



Coco Update and MANY Heartfelt Thanks :)!!!

Before I begin I want to express how much all of your concern, prayers, and comments has meant to us during the past 10 days!  Each comment has comforted me and made me stronger.  My apologies for not replying, but until now I just couldn't as I was nearly catatonic - well maybe not quite that bad, but it was pretty bad!

When my husband and I brought Coco into the vet's office Wednesday, January 7th for her exploratory surgery we were not sure what was wrong.  I knew the vet had seen some suspicious cells but that was it.  She told us right away that it was cancer or GI Lymphoma.  She then tried to reassure us that it might be very isolated and that the surgery might not be terribly complicated and that she might not even need chemo.  Although this didn't make me feel that much better about the diagnoses, nothing prepared me for what came next.  After the vet began the surgery she told us her stomach had a lot of cancer in it as well as an ulcer a half an inch wide.   She asked us if we wanted her to continue the surgery because nearly half of her stomach would need to be removed and the vet was not sure how successful treatment would be given the possible advanced stage of her disease.  We told her that we wanted her to do what she could.  It was a long surgery and she needed to stay at the animal hospital that night as opposed to coming home with us as we had expected and hoped for.  My husband and I parked outside the animal hospital all night that first night even though they kept telling us to leave.  The next morning we took her back to the vet who told us a lot of scary yet possible complications we were facing over the next few days. We visited her at the vet that day and she had to spend one more night at the animal hospital Thursday night,  Finally, Coco came home with us Friday afternoon.  We were so happy to have her with us but scared to as we needed to give her several medications and she was still being force fed.  I was so worried that night she would never start to eat again on her own.  I don't think I have ever been so relieved as when she started nibbling on some tuna fish the next morning!  When we went to the doctor that day, the vet was a lot more optimistic.  I can't believe I am sharing this but here is how Coco and I spent the first few days:


I slept beside her in a 5' by 4' crate so she wouldn't get too rambunctious.  Tuesday morning I woke up to her sleeping on the bed and me still on the floor!

Anyway, she is eating well, gaining weight, and her blood levels are good.  She will begin chemo on Thursday which is quite scary but the vet said she has a decent chance at remission and has beaten the odds so far.  here are some current photos:



The ulcer is what was causing he anemia and her first symptom something was wrong more than 2 months ago,  She was misdiagnosed with hemobartinella.  At that time the vet who misdiagnosed her gave her prednisone (a steroid) and an antibiotic.  She responded to this treatment since prednisone is used to treat certain types of cancer.  Her symptoms which were basically vomiting returned around the time she began tapering off the prednisone.  I will ALWAYS get a second opinion in the future!

I want to say THANKS again and I will try to keep everyone updated.  Maybe my experience can help someone else in the future.


The Worse Day of My Life by Far - Coco has GI Lymphoma

We went to the vet this morning for Coco's surgery which I haven't talked about because it's too depressing.  We walked into the vet's office to learn her pathology results had just come in.  The vet told us it was cancer but was very unsure of the extent.  She called almost right after beginning  the surgery to tell us the cancer was VERY extensive.  She said she would get what she could or stop before she did anything.  We said to do what she could.  We will be awaiting more test results over the next week to see if chemo is even an option.  At any rate we are looking at 1-3 months.  Please excuse my temporary absence :(