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Thankful Thursday

I have decided to participate in Thankful Thursday because I TRY to be positive and grateful most of the time.  Those who know me best will laugh at this as I am the queen bee of complainers.  That said, the one thing or person that I don't think I've ever complained about is one of my oldest and dearest friends in the world Stef.  I like her because she is an awesome friend, an animal rescuer, and lives in a very awesome city in CALIFORNIA.  Here are some photos of the lovely Stefanie with her cool cat Oliver who Stef rescued when he was kitten.  He is five years old now and as you can see a very happy cat.  I am very proud of the photos of myself with her other cat Roxy on my last visit since she will not even get close to Stef's friends who are there all the time!

But seriously, I would visit Stef even if she lived in Siberia!!!







Sunday Superstar

This Sunday I want to Introduce Aliviara from www.petfinder.com.  I was so impressed with the work this lady does to help animals.  I was simply amazed to find out she was only sixteen years old.  I decided to interview her and learn more about her and the great things she does.  Aliviara is going to make a huge difference in her life for animals and people too! 

Please see the photos of Aliviara's pets at the bottom of the interview.  One is of a little kitten named Amy with broken legs in a cast that Aliviara is taking great care of!

1.    Tell me about yourself.


I'm sixteen years old and I plan on majoring in Veterinary Medicine, Specializing in Feline anatomy, conditions, and diseases. I would also love to foster for a shelter, something I haven't yet been able to do


2.    What are some ways that you help animals?


I often take in strays and nurse them back to health and socialize them before finding them a home or turning them over to no kill shelters. I also participate in animal fundraisers for local shelters and attend any events they may be hosting. My own pets are also spayed or neutered.

3.    How did you get Involved in Animal Rescue?


My parent's rescued a four week old kitten that was curled up in the middle of a dirt road in the pouring rain. That cat grew up with me and died at the ripe age of 12. Ever since then I've been interested in rescue, especially feline rescue.

4.    What Do You Think is the Hardest Think about Animal Rescue?  What Do You Think is the most rewarding?


The hardest part by far is the finances, but it is no comparison to saving an animal’s life and the great fullness in their eyes when they look back at you. The thing I find most rewarding is rescuing an animal off the street that had little chance at a decent life and finding that animal a home where it will be loved and cherished as a member of the family.

5.    What are the Three Things that You Would Like to See people do in Order to help Animals?


The first and easiest thing I think any animal owner can do is to have their own pets spayed or neutered. Secondly, pet owners should be aware of any local shelters or rescues in their area and try to contribute by attending events, becoming a member, donating, or just giving their time to volunteer. Lastly, have an open heart. If you see an animal being abused or neglected, do something, don't just stand there and do nothing. If an animal is hurt on the side of the freeway, stop and take it to a local vet or at least contact animal control. If a pregnant stray shows up at your door, don't leave her out there all alone. Welcome her into your house or find someone who will.

6.    Tell Me About Your Pets.


Snips is around 3 years old. Found as a stray running loose in a bad neighborhood. Technically she's my grandfather's cat but I rescued her so I claim partial ownership.

Amy was born April 18, Nearly 3 Months. Mother was abandoned on the street when the owners moved. Both her back legs were broken in an accident.

Napoleon was born born April 18, Nearly 3 Months. Mother was abandoned on the street when the owners moved. Amy's brother.






Some Ways All People Can Help Animals

Kitten tree

There are so many easy ways to help animals.  Many of these ways require little sacrifice but can save a life.  Most ways fall into the categories of donations, fostering, transporting animals, volunteerism, and public outreach.




Donating even a small amount of cash such as $10.00 can make such a huge difference in the lives of several animals.  An expert on the Petfinders’ web site: (http://www.petfinder.com/) stated that she could give 5 animals basic vaccines for that amount of money.  Those who sell items on EBay can choose to have a very small or very large percentage of there profits to groups or agencies that help animals. Donating need supplies to your local animal shelter is also a wonderful way to help out.  For a list of items that are generally needed see the comment from Daisy the Curly Cat below.  If donating money or supplies is not an option, simply visiting the Animal Rescue Site: (http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=3)  and clicking on this button:


will provide a hungry animal with .6 bowls of food.  This site also allows one to send a free e-card which provides an animal with 1.0 bowls of food. There is a really great variety of cards to choose from for all occasions.




There are nowhere near enough foster homes for animals.  Fostering animals does not mean that you have to have a house full of animals all the time or become animal rescuer of the year.  Imagine if everyone fostered just one animal per year.  This is not entirely realistic, but if it were, think how many animals’ lives could be saved!  Fostering can be a very enjoyable and very rewarding experience and is a great opportunity for children to learn about animal care.




A lot of the time it's not an issue of rescue not being available but a matter of getting the animal to the vet, a foster home or a shelter. There are several great websites where transport coordinators post for volunteers where you can check if a transport is coming through your area. You don't have to make a regular commitment to transporting. Even helping out a couple of times a year and you've made a big difference for the animals you've transported.



A person can volunteer in a variety of ways.  Another expert on the Petfinders’ site said that it’s wonderful to have volunteers with good administrative and computer skills who can set up a web site, but having enough people to change litter boxes and walk the dogs is critical, and there seems to be a tremendous shortage of such people. 


Public Outreach


Educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets and caring for animals is another opportunity to help.  You can plan a program for children at schools, camps, or churches.  Web sites are another way to educate the public.  They do need to be advertised enough and in such a way that all people will find their way to them and not to those who already know the information they contain.


Please feel free to leave a comment with any ways that I’ve left out!

Liz and Taylor xmas close  




Teaching Kids About Animals

Zmama cat

Mama Cat by Denise Fleming 

This is a truly great book to teach children and even adults to have some empathy and or sympathy for animals.  It is about a stray mother cat who has three kittens and has to fend for herself and her babies with no help from any humans.  It is a fun story to read with a lot of illustrations and a very deep message.  I read it as an adult and it affected me very deeply.  I believe that anyone who reads this book will understand the importance of controlling the pet population and helping those who can not help themselves!