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My Mom's Cat Muffy

This is Muffy - her real name is Muffin, but we call her Muffy because it fits her:


I think she is such a beautiful cat.  This picture doesn't do her justice since you can't see her bright green eyes.  She likes to be held just like a baby and just relaxes in your arms.  She was a neighbors cat who let her run all over the neighborhood, didn't worry about where she was, and whether or not she'd eaten.  She would always show up to eat at my mom's house.  Finally my mom went and asked the neighbor if she could just have Muffin.  You probably already guessed that the neighbor had no problem with this! 

If you've been wondering where I got my love for animals and desire to help them - now you know!  We always had at least three cats while I was growing up and would try to feed and or help any strays that came along.  It's in my genes I guess! 

Midnite Update


After one of my foster kitties go to their new home, I  call to check up on them a few times.  I always tell the new parents to call if there are any problems and to RETURN them if they don't think it's going to work out.  Anyway, when I called Midnite's new mom she said, "you're not calling to take him back are you?''  I laughed and said no, absolutely not.  I was only making sure everything was alright.  She seemed very happy and with him and that made me VERY happy! 


Foster Kitty Fleur is Back!

I'm so happy she's back, but shes making it difficult to write this post...


She was at a babysitter while we were in Costa Rica, then she had her spay/surgery yesterday.  After she recuperates for a few days, we are getting another female kitten for her to learn to be social with.  Of course, any cat lover will tell you two cats are easier and better than one!  Fleur is such a sweet, gentle, and loving kitty.  I am going to make it my life's mission to find her the home she deserves!  Here are some more photos I took today:

Here she is with some of her favorite toys:




She loves to look out the window:


By the way, I am posting a new photo album of Costa Rica tonight as well.

Hope everyone is well!


Goodbye Sweet Midnite

I got up this morning to say goodbye to one of the sweetest foster kitties we've had.  He sat in my lap and purred for a while.  He was quite resistant about getting in the carrier and cried the whole 20 minute drive to his new family's home :( .  I was so relieved that he starting purring and rubbing up against his new owners' legs.  They seemed to like him right away.  He has very nice parents who were approved by the rescue group we work with.  They have a great place and he seemed to settle in very quickly.

I will miss his constant sing songy talking.  He wanted to be pet all the time.  We thought about keeping him (like we almost always do), but this couple seemed to be a better fit for him.  All of our cats have their claws and Midnite does not.  Besides, Peanut, the part tasmanian devil cat, likes to play rough.  I hope he settles down SOON!

The good news is Fleur will be back tomorrow!

Here is Midnite at his new home: 







Our Last Night In Paradise

Sorry, I didn't smile much in any of these photos.  Guess it's a little sad leaving.  This will be a quick post since we are starting the LOONG trek home tomorrow.  We are leaving here at 9:30 AM for our 2 hour ride to the airport.  We won't be home until around midnight.  Can't wait to see the kids though!   I decided to add one more photo in of my day at the pool.  I did water aerobics with the instructor and people in the pool.  It was a blast!  Here they are doing aerobics to Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Outta My Head".



Here we are for our last meal

Last Picture - can you tell I'm a little sad? :(