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My Gardening Progress

We had an extraordinarily cold winter here in Central Florida so virtually all of my "perennials" didn't make itI had a few azaleas that did so I decided to give a few more of those a tryI decided to get some daisies, roses, and a small magnolia bush.  Wish me luck.  Hopefully I'll be able to show you some progress in a week or two.

As you can see we were off to a rough start:


I ordered a lot of several solar flowers from a magazine called Collections that light up at night.  We then mistakenly put down rubber mulch BEFORE instead of after planting our flowers.  I have no idea what we were thinking - we are obviously fairly clueless when it comes to gardening :)

  Here is where we are at present.  I will be adding more because some won't make it of course I like a lot of color.


007 010
As you can see I still have some work to do!  Thanks for stopping by and any suggestions are welcome :)


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It looks terrific! I've never heard of rubber mulch before, so please let me know how you like it. I'm hoping to be able to start our garden at the end of May. If we plant any sooner, there is always the threat of a late frost killing all our hard work.
The only suggestion I could make is that you can come and do our garden, too :)


Planting looks great :) I'd suggest you rake off your lawn and feed it though :-)


Hi Michelle!

gardening is not my forte...I leave that to my husband :)
We have a few rose bushes which always look and smell nice May - September. We also have a miniature cherry tree in a pot. Your garden will look beautiful when it's done, I'm sure! Good luck!
And thanks for the update on your scrapbook :) I'd love to join you if I were there!


It looks great! This last winter was brutal -- we lost a lot of our plants too. Some recovered, some didn't.


Well it's a good start! Looking forward to seeing everything in bloom.
Here it has been incredibly hot, we've only had frost 3 days since march 1st! Our "last frost" date is May 13th.


You have a beautiful place out there! I have a little garden right in front of my porch.I am more on ornamental plants. I don't know if you like them, but it serves as the source of my fresh oxygen.


I think it looks really nice so far. I also have never heard of rubber mulch - I will be interested to see how that works.

dave the Hubby

Rubber Mulch helps save the enviroment, Made of mainly shred tires. It holds color longer and it does not attract bugs or termites. Unlike regular mulch it does not absorb water and lets the water sink to the ground. We will see how it works.

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